What Lies on the Other Side Essay

Imagine looking out to the other side wondering how life goes on in a different world. Mexican citizens often wonder that same thought. Some Mexicans would like to share a piece of the American dream. The only issue at hand though, is whether the citizens of Mexico cross United States Borders legally or illegally. Illegal immigration has become an ever growing problem, adding to the United States debt and causing controversy nationwide.

The issue at hand occurs for numerous reasons, although a few are a direct reason why illegal immigration occurs. One main and probable cause for illegal immigration can be accounted for by the introduction of The North American Free Trade Agreement. Illegal Immigration exploded after the 1994 passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement, which removed tariffs on American farm products imported into Mexico. As a result Mexican farmers could not compete with U.S agribusiness and were forced to find other ways to earn a living. (Dvorak 99) Due to lack of work and pressure to earn a living many were forced to find and alternate and quick way of living.

Some chose local jobs, others legal immigration and for the desperate risking their own lives and safety for a better life illegal immigration. Illegal immigration was not always a common occurrence. Before 1960 the number of illegal immigrants entering the country was not well known and never emerged as a major issue (Dvorak 99). This connection proves that years ago illegal immigration was a mere spot on the United States map. Today however, the problem at hand is an ever growing issue. Not only is illegal immigration increasing but puts stress upon the American economy and job market.

The effects of illegal immigration in the United States, as well as other countries, provides a vivid view about how illegal immigration effects economics and job market of the country in which illegal immigration takes place. Persons in the United States often talk about the millions without work, but in some cases “millions of illegals continue to flood into the United States, competing for scarce U.S. jobs” (Katel). Due to increased competition illegal immigration causes legal citizens to start reaching out to their government and demanding things be done to solve the issue. Some citizens even go as far as to try and take the issue into their own hands. Illegal immigration does not only take away job opportunities but also governmental funds, which in turn is the peoples’ money.

One must pay taxes in order to fund ones way of life. Illegals, although some do pay taxes, cause U.S. government funds to deplete. …an average low skill illegal immigrant household received $30,160 in direct benefits, means-tested benefits, education, and population-based services from all levels of government, while paying only $10, 573 in taxes. (Greenley) Taxes are a major contributing factor for the awareness of illegal immigration. Taxes are such a factor because the legal citizens pay into the government and receive things in return such as education, but the money is also given to those who do not pay for aid or not enough.

Taxes and the job market are two major issues the United States faces, but the money the United States spends to combat and control the issues is also a major determining factor. “Last year 438,997 people were apprehended by the U.S. border Patrol in Tuscon sector for illegally entering the United States…” (Nussbaum). The issue is not the fact of the apprehensions, but the money that is spent in order to apprehend. It is said that billions of dollars are spent annually keeping the issue at bay. In order continue, the war on immigration, the federal government and local government must work together.

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The federal government may spend the most counteracting illegal immigration, but things must be done at a state level as well as a local level. One major state that has seen some of the most seismic illegal activity is Arizona. Arizona “America’s most porous border is a 262-mile stretch, from the New Mexico state line to near Yuma” (Nussbaum). Illegal immigration causes the state to spend not only money but time and effort to clean up issues that have evolved from illegal immigration. Many are without jobs and with border crossing also causes drug issues. Without jobs people pay no taxes and rely on government aid. The U.S. battle with illegal immigration adds up, on average a single border state spends millions to defend against their border problems (Nussbaum). The States that participate in the war on illegal immigration pay a hefty price for the safety and security of not only their citizens but the countries as well. There are many ways the citizens of the United States with the governments help can halt or drastically slow illegal immigration from happening at all. The United States was built upon immigration.

The United States has one of the most diverse if not the most collaboration of people. “The United States accepts 200,000 immigrants legally each year, more than the rest of the world put together” (Katel). The immigrants excepted by the United States have gone through all the right criteria in order to become a U.S. citizen. Unlike illegals they have made a life fairly and promote good competition and add to The United States’ ever growing society. For those who come legally it is not just to put them through all of the work to become a citizen while illegals do none of the United States’ criteria to become a citizen. One of the best ways one can try to alter the odds in the United States favor of stopping illegal immigration is “ending birth right citizenship for children of illegal immigrants” (Greenley).

In order for this to occur, congress and the people must vote upon what is to happen. By ending birthright citizenship causes less to leave Mexico. Another way one can try and put a stop to illegal immigration is “preventing the hiring of illegal immigrants” (Greenley). Possibilities open up, such as no green cards and less competition in the job market. Prevention of hiring illegals also causes less to come because many are in search of work but can no longer do so due to their illegal status. There are still many pending issues and problem solving tactics being thought of everyday but no one is certain what the outcome may be.

Illegal immigration to this day is a growing problem, causing United States debt to rise and national controversy over the dispute of what to do about the issue. All countries around the world experience illegal immigration. Mexico may be the United States worst culprit; however Mexico is not the only country to have citizens crossing illegally across the border. The only certain idea is the uncertainty of the future between the United States and Mexico’s relations between immigration.

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