The Ways of Doing a Litter Free Essay

A.well to start off creating a littering event was a way to help prevent litter from harming us and also our wildlife and the environment so I thought by doing so it would of bring awareness to us.

1. Create flyers to distribute

2. Create brochure that will inform them you inform the people about the affects it has on them

1. by educating them

2. Teaching what they should do and what they should not.

2. My ways of doing the events

A.creating a litter free event

1. Teach children what litter is.

2. Also to teach them how to wash their hands properly. B.creating litter events free (continued)

1. Creating a brochure to educate children, teens about the affects upon them 2. Gather people for a day of clean up

3. Ways of preventing litter.

a. One way to teach them how it has an effect on them.

1. For example the parent can start by teaching them not to pick up something that has already been dropped on the floor, such as food, candy.

2. Another is by telling them to wash their hands before and after they eat. B. teaching equals preventing.

1. One thing we meaning everyone children to avoid those harmful substance from getting into their lungs by breathing bad toxic airs is to clean their home every day and to wash their hands when finish.

2. A PowerPoint to teach the children and the teens about litter and how it can be harmful to their health. Then ask questions later such as what have they learn and what they’re going to do next time when they have a trash in their hands. Conclusion:the ways of doing a litter event that was supposedly to teach teens and especially children from getting worse and how to avoid from being sick a lot and how parent can help more, such as people say a clean home equals a good health.

Cleaning the resolution: of allergies, sickness, food borne disease and litter vs. pollutions. Thinking about sparing yourself from getting sick very often? Well hear this interesting idea cleaning is one specific ways to do so. By cleaning your house you will be free from dirt. Another process is stop spreading or littering in the streets, your own house, around. However, cleaning everyday has it advantage and its disadvantage such as causing certain types of illness which is the reason that people should put mask to not breathe in any chemical that may have an effect on their health.

Therefore to create an event that would bring awareness to the problems that we are facing today, one way that that I would of done it is by creating a day of cleaning the house or streets and my title would have been a fight against littering and polluting our environment to help us breath a more healthier fresh air.

My next movement of the events would be to teach children how to wash their hands properly after doing a clean-up. My other step would have been to present a PowerPoint that were to teach the kids the affect that a trash being thrown on the ground, beach, park on them, the environment, our wildlife and last how they can prevent it. . Later show what they can do to avoid littering in their community. Ask question such as from a number 1-10 to see how much they have learned, what next step is there when they see someone throwing trash in the environment. The most important aspect into creating a clean-up day is to distribute flyers, brochure around your community.

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Then once you got the people meaning children plus adults to participate, explaining is the next step. Specifically educate them why they are out here cleaning. Once they see the good intentions behind it let them make their own decisions whether that is something they want to fight against. When they decide tell, explain a bit more to them such as ideas of what they can do to help prevent litter from being the reasons why our air can be filthy for our health as humans and not only does it affect us but the animals, the environment entirely.

Lastly encourage others not to throw trash in the streets and teach them how to clean up after themselves. Also help them to have a motto because once they have it they will probably live up to it but it all depends upon their decision making. Then reflect on their decisions to see the result of it. If it’s not what they expected make some changes and maybe that will help. But in the end always remember it’s never to let to start making better choices in life or elsewhere.

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