The Issue of Immigration Essay

The issue of immigration has been a perennial problem of first-world countries such as the United States.  Amidst debates and modifications on immigration guidelines that arebeing constantly questioned, reviewed and evaluated, the issue of immigration has been mixed with moral values and decisions that are aimed to help both sides of the immigration issue—the migrants themselves and the host country (Ommundsen et al., 2007).

For several years, we have been witnesses to a huge number of arrests of foreigners who either try to sneak into the United States by unlawfully crossing the United States border, or deportation of immigrants who are have illegally entered the United States without the proper work authorization or resident status.  Though such video clips exposed in the news seem sad and depressing, we should firstly identify the root cause of such incidence.  It is normal for a patriotic American to condemn the existence of illegal immigrants in the United States, but it is more important to understand why such behavior is observed in significant numbers.

            There have been several caricatures in the newspapers and magazines that convey their disapproval of immigration into the United States.  One of the most influential comic strips is as found below:

This caricature expresses the enormity of the immigration problem that the unregulated and illegal influx of foreign-born workers is beyond the current capabilities of the administration of the United States.  The low height of the wall that serves as the border between the United States and the adjacent country also reflects that the rules and guidelines for immigration are not as stringent as should be and the huge size of the giant which represents immigration as a whole shows that the guidelines for immigration can not control the illegal influx of foreign-born migrants.

            Another caricature that reflects the present problem of immigration is shown below:

This caricature depicts the general sentiment of the United States that the number of illegal migrants to the country has reached its threshold and thus there are some notions that the migrants may instead migrate to another country such as Iraq.  The choice of Iraq in the caricature may spark more uproar to the regular reader of the newspaper, but the issue being targeted by the caricature is that the foreign-based migrant can go to a country which the United States would be better without.

            However, the issue of immigration in the United States should always be taken with a grain of salt.  One should understand that the main reason for a migrant to choose to enter the United States is from desperation to find a better future for themselves and for their families.  It is of human nature that such measures be taken by an individual who only wants the best for their families.  In addition, there is an unregulated influx of foreign-born workers into the United States because there is a demand for workers in the United States (Hassell et al., 2008).  If there were no unfilled jobs in the United States, these migrants would not even attempt to cross the border.

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In addition, the reason why there an unfilled jobs in the United States is because these lowly positions pay very low wages which an American citizen would not think of accepting, hence the simple and desperate foreign-born workers will accept in a heartbeat because such position is better than a position back in their home country (Lubell, 2006).  It is also important to understand that the citizens of the United States have histories that date back to decades and centuries that were also associated with migration from Europe, Africa and Asia, hence immigration into the United States is not a recent event but is actually a continuous phenomenon that has been occurring for the last 200 years.

It is thus imperative that immigration issues in the United States be better understood with regards to the reasons why millions of foreigners would choose to enter the country despite the rigorous and stringent rules for entry into the country.  It should also be understood that foreign-born workers help in the economy of the United States because they serve as the labor force for the massive production of products in the economic market.



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