The Analysis of Slang Language Among Homosexuals Essay

A.Background of the Study

Language is one of the identity of a nation is the case with the Indonesian language. Language as a communication tool used by communities to wotk together, interact, and identify themselves. Any language or provisions actually have in common in terms of sound governance, order forms, word order, syntax, grammar and meaning. But due to various factors contained in the user community’s language, such as age, education, religion, field of activities and professions, and cultural background area, then the language becomes not uniformly true. Language is a diverse, probably because the procedure does not exactly sound the same, may order the form and he said, and may order the sentence. In society we often hear the term “Slang”. Especially in the teenage group, they assume that the development of civilization is a world that was born to them, as modern moslem all things, including the means of verbal communication is the language which they often call the “Slang Language”.

But not the only class of teenagers who are now using and popularizing the “Slang Language” is female male class (TRANSVESTITE) was also using “Slang Language” to facilitate communication with their kind friends. According to a source of slang began to emerge in the late 1980s ( slang). At that time slang language known as street children and the thugs. One word that famous at that time was the word “Nich yee”. Then slang began to grow until now. In talking about the kinds of slang is usually associated with the problem of dialect. If dialect with respect to the language used by whom, where, and when, then the range of issues relating to language that is used for what activity. In modern life there is the possibility of someone who only knows one dialect.

However, in general, people living in modern society with more than one dialect (regional and social) and to cultivate a number of varieties, because in modern society people are definitely dealing with a number of social activities and the scope is different. Slang is typically used in an informal setting that are usually entertaining, and to establish intimacy, because if we use the standard language in a familiar atmosphere or entertainment would seem stiff and make a formal atmosphere which tends to result in saturation listener.

In the slang of social life is also very well used but practical too easy to understand. Especially young people and transvestites are more likely to use such slang phrase “Ya iya lah, masa ya iya dong”, “Masa sich” and the phrase “Secara gitu loh”. In that sentence there is a typical use of the word, namely iyalah, masa, secara, dong and so on. Based on the background that has been presented, I am interested in studying the use of slang variety among homosexuals (transvestite). B.Limitation to the Problems

In general, this area of the studies is limited to the slang language among homosexual. In particular, however, the area of study is limited to three accounts as follows : 1.Description of slang language

Slang is language at its most informal, using expressions that many would consider to be grammatically imperfect and sometimes rude. Slang often used within small social groups (transvestite) where it can help draw and keep the group together. It changes very quickly in English. 2.The different of the slang language among homosexuals and teenager 3.Give some examples of the slang language among homosexuals

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C.Objectives of the Study

In general the objective of the studies is to describe of the slang language among homosexual. In particular, however, the objectives of the study are devided into three purposes as follows : 1.To describe homosexuals

2.To find out the different of slang language among homosexuals and teenager 3.To give some examples of slang language among homosexuals

D.Methodology of Research

•Type of Research

In this research, I use a type of qualitative research for colleting the data. This type of qualitative research consisted of verbal data that would have meaning. And from verbal data will be corpus data.

•Method of Data Collection

In this research, the method of data collection that I use as follows :

a.Library research

Library research is the method of prioritizing the collection of data or information by collecting books and internet sites that talk about slang language among homosexuals as a comparison of whether the language is feasible to be applied in our daily interactions.

b.Method of Observation

In the method of this observation I’m doing by observing a set of homosexuals who were taking a conversation with their friends in some place. What I observe is that the form of conversation that often use slang language as a communication device. And slang language that they said that I would like to make a data collection.

•Method of Data Analysis

In this research, the method of data analysis that I use is Discourse. According to Jumanto (2011) discourse is the use of language in communication, both oral and written communication, with the aim to convey the meaning. The meaning itself can be alignment with the function of language, or communicative function or that in the pragmatics then called IMPLIKATUR. In pragmatics, communication is the interaction of meaning, not a form of interaction. Discourse consists of text and context. Discourse is abstract, can’t be perceived by our senses.

E.The Significance of the Study

Based on the objectives of the study above, I hope that the finding of the study would be useful for the following parties :


a.To have a knowledge about slang language

b.Giving more information about slang language among homosexuals to the student c.Providing students with rich information or references about slang language


The result of the study can be reference in studying slang language


a.Giving more information to myself about slang language

b.Giving more information to myself about slang language especially slang language among homosexuals


a.To increase the public appreciation of slang languange

b.To generate the public motivation for learning slang language especially for teenager c.Giving more information about slang language especially slang language among homosexuals to public for their association d.The public are able to analyze the slang language among homosexuals from this research

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