Pharm D Admission Essay

The Doctor of Pharmacy Program is a professional degree program which offers education on the practice of pharmacy. Moreover, it also allows for other employment because of its wide range of course studies. In lieu with this, I would like to apply for the said program not only to gain knowledge on clinical training but also to be an effective health care educator.

 With all due respect, the school admission should recommend me to the Pharm D program in that I have fulfilled all the necessary pre-requisites of the said program and that I want to develop my potential as a health care educator in that field so that I may be able to provide service to my fellow statesmen later.

I am currently studying at UCSD for a Bachelor Science degree, majoring in Chemistry, with a high GPA of 3.85. I also have diploma on Associate of Arts with commendable honors. I have completed most of the requirements for pharmacy school with most of the grades falling as “A”. These will provide for essential requirements

The following are the courses which I have already taken and which I believe correspond to the necessary pre-requisites of the Pharm D Program: Calculus, Statistics, general Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, General Biology, Microbiology, Mammalian Physiology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, English, Psychology, Sociology and some units on Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences. Although English is not my primary language, you will find that I am sufficiently versatile with it hence communication will not be a barrier in the rendering of the course. Also, my non-native English will allow for social and educational enhancement.

Not only that, I am currently volunteering at a retail pharmacy as a clerk or technician and also doing volunteer work for community service for the American Red Cross. These field experiences will, I believe, combined with my educational attainment, provide me with a better advantage at the course of study in that it parlays medical and social practice on my part. As the old adage goes, “practice makes perfect,” a line which suits the conditions for my “pre-pharmaceutical education”. I sincerely hope that this pre-pharmaceutical education would take another step higher with the Pharm D program.

I believe I will make a good pharmacist. Like I have reiterated before, I would dearly embraced the profession because it offers me the haven for improvement when one wants to dangle in medical health education and at same time provide excellent and effective advice on “pharmaceutics” or drugs to those specific patient care situations. The various knowledge on drugs ― where they come from, their specific reactions to the body and other processes connected with it and how they alleviate ailment and disease symptoms are not only topics of interest to me, but they may as well be my tool for service.

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Knowledge on drugs is continually changing. And the change of knowledge associated with this profession embodies research and continual updates. Being a good pharmacist need not on sticking to the old handbook of chemicals but one must continually update oneself not only for knowledge fortification but also to find more “effective drugs” and separate them from the less effective ones.

Pharmaceutical care is a respected profession and I, for one, am really interested in joining that field of excellence. As part of the school admission board, I am kindly asking your magnanimous recommendation to the Pharm D program.


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