Perspective on Health Care Paper Essay

A)What interested me about the history of health care?

There’s no doubt that the healthcare industry offers plenty of profitable careers. In fact most of the best paid and the fast growing careers belong to this industry. That’s why I am heading in Health Care Administration because I want to be an administrator for Center of Disease Control (CDC). I have passion for serving people and to make positive impact in their lives. I consider it as one of the fastest growing healthcare career and a high paying medical career and don’t only offer me a decent pay, but they provide me several other reasons. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, eight of the top 20 fastest growing careers belong to the medical field or the healthcare industry.

The industry has offer as many as 13 million jobs. Technologies had given a path way to the continuous advancement in medical field in the health system. I have to say that what interested me in the history of health care are the development of the vaccinations for disease throughout the years as well as the developments of programs like the Center for Control of Disease and Prevention (CDC) giving rise after World War in 1946. Vaccinations are what I captured in chapter one in the nineteenth century between 1850s and how about (30,000) persons died from yellow fever and cholera epidemics.

Many have died from contaminated water and food, inadequate living situations and sewage disposals. Now in this century there are vaccinations for these disease and many others that has dropped the death rate since then as with better disposing of sewage and safeguarding our foods and facilities with the concern of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have also helped with the decrease of morality, deaths and illnesses reduction.

B)What areas of health care I am interested in pursuing? Why? I am interested in the Center for Disease Control (CDC), which involve national concern to deal pre-existing conditions of disease to control and prevent them. The best part about pursuing a healthcare career is that you will be making a positive impact on people’s lives. In fact, there’s no other occupation where I could get the opportunity to make such a strong impact in the lives of people. It really gives me a lot of satisfaction and enthusiasts when I can save an ending life or help bring a new life into the world. By treating different forms of ailments, and I will also make a great positive impact on the entire community.

Another big advantage of pursuing a healthcare career is that I will never have a dull moment because the medical field is ever-changing; it always keeps me excited about new developments and advancements in technologies. The profession is really dramatic in nature, and I will never get bored because I want to always interacting with new patients helping them to improve their lives. Another option or choice would be health promotion so that help people learn and give information on what they can do to stay healthy that is why I am doing Information Technology System blending these courses. Another choice would be with illness and prevention services which also educate consumers on risk factors that were conveyed in chapter 2.

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C) Which positive and negative health outcomes linked to demographic indicators intrigued me? “Health care is the process of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments in humans.” (Wikipedia, 2012). There are many forms of care that can be practiced from medicine, chiropractic, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, psychiatric and much more. With the fact that there is emerging trend towards overweight-obesity in poorer families, and it is one of the major illnesses that concern is attached. This is, of course, not true in developing countries, but can be seen in North America because mass produced unhealthy food is cheaper and is easier to find in poorer neighborhoods.

We are putting our lives in the hands of others to care for that is why one can see why health coverage can be extremely expensive. Health care varies from place to place, and it is largely influenced by social and economic situations as well as health policies that are in place. There is a wide range of area in health care that one can contribute their help in making a difference in people’s lives. There are many forms of care that can be practiced from medicine, chiropractic, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, psychiatric and much more.

That’s primarily because 45.7 million Americans are without health insurance. That’s roughly 16 percent of Americans who sometimes have to forego healthcare, or face financial obligations with insurance providers. The primary issues are access, and affordability of healthcare. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor estimates that the health care and social assistance industry should create 28 percent of all new jobs between 2010 and 2020. And when it comes to the industry itself, heath care is expected to increase by 33 percent (that’s 5.7 million jobs!) between 2010 and 2020. D) What resources are there for finding more information on the history of health care in the United Sates?

The internet search engines, Public libraries, and my student website are ways of obtaining information. As many people have discovered, clicking on a favorite search engine and entering a disease or medical condition can often result in hundreds, even thousands, of “hints.” This can be discouraging, and here are a few ideas for filtering the available web pages to a manageable number:

1. If you are using a search engine such as Google or Yahoo, take advantage of the health subsets of these services for your search. Learn how to use the advanced searching features of the sites so that you can combine terms to make your retrieval more precise. For example, entering the term “cancer” and “chemotherapy” linked together is more powerful and precise than trying to read through all the ideas found by simply entering the general term “cancer.”

2. Become familiar with the general health information finding tools such as MedlinePlus (, produced by the National Library of Medicine, or Healthfinder ® ( from the US Department of Health and Human Services. 3. When you have found sites that look relevant, use the guidelines below to help you decide whether the information is as credible, timely, and useful as it looks. These are few websites that we can site with viable information about health care;,,

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