Personal Development Plan Essay

I have always been interested in the financial and investment sector. The movements of the stock market and the forces driving the stock values hold considerable degree of interest. I realize that a stockbroker needs to add value to financial information in order to satisfy the customer queries and investigative requirements of the companies being dealt. The consumers today have easy access to a vast range of financial knowledge and data available on the Internet coupled with company specific details that provides extensive information on the current and projected financial trends. The stock broker under such circumstances needs to be highly alert and aware of the market trends and fluctuating stock values in order to meet the needs of an increasingly knowledgeable customer. (Asia One Business Article, Sep 2007)

A career as a stock broker requires a complete understanding of the financial markets and environmental forces that drive the stock trading market. A stock broker is an individual responsible for a business deal on a stock exchange. This primarily involves buying and selling of securities on behalf of people and institutions. Usually, a negotiation is made between two authorised members of the exchange. ( For the purposes of convenience, an ordinary person is no longer needed to walk into the premises of any institution, for instance, the New York Stock Exchange, to enquire on the trade stock.

This exchange is done through a broker. However, a stock broker is not just confined in such plain participation in a transaction as there are other stock broking opportunities such as execution-only, advisory dealing, and discretionary dealing, and other related services. Execution-only stock broker involves the implementation of the client’s instructions to buy or sell.

A stock broker who focuses on advisory dealing informs and gives important information to the client on which shares to buy and sell, but leaves the task of final decision-making to the jurisdiction of the investor. Meanwhile, a stock broker who is in-charge with discretionary dealing determines the client’s investment intentions and serves as the mainly involved person in all transactions and decision-making functions done on the client’s behalf. In general, stock brokers provide relevant and useful information on trading stocks, for instance on the cases of which stocks or mutual funds to be bought. (

Keeping in mind these specific requirements and my interest in the financial market I aspire to be a stock broker. In order for me to be a full-pledged stock broker, I must be involved in activities and related opportunities that will increase my competencies, particularly those that I need to be a successful stock broker. Of course, it is necessary to finish my studies first. I will begin by providing assistance to a certified stock broker. This is my short term aspiration. By being an associate, I will have direct exposure to the business transactions that my employer deals with. Gaining experience is my key motivation. My medium aspiration is to get promoted or trusted with bigger responsibilities.

For example, my employer will ask me to do things that are similar to his/her functions, allow me to decide on important things, expect me to be reliant to classified tasks, and the likes. After staying on this position for a significant period of time, I will try to evaluate myself if I am already capable of entering my long term aspiration – that is – being a stock broker. This can be achieved once I qualify the preconditions to obtaining a stock broker license. I will immediately take up the needed examinations and eligibility requirements. My career goal is to provide my clients with the necessary guidance and direction towards investments that meet their specific needs and requirements. (

Skills Required For the Chosen Role

A stockbroker can offer three types of services depending on their individual capabilities and interest.

· Discretionary stock broking service constitutes management of client investments and making financial decisions on their behalf. This type of service requires building of huge trust and confidence within the customer.

· Advisory stock broking service that involves advising the clients on various investment options available and the desirable course of action with predictive impacts on finance. The client needs to decide on the action or alternative that suits his needs best.

· Executing stock broking service where the stock broker is only involved in buying and selling of stocks as per client’s instructions. In this case the advice or knowledge of market expertise is not required. He merely acts as per the client’s instructions.

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The basic essential job responsibilities of a stock broker are –

· Managing and reviewing investment portfolios for their clients

· Research the financial market with the cooperation of investment analysts who can provide actual and factual information on the performance of companies and markets

· Provide accurate information on stock market performance and stock values to the customers

· Provide various advisory and specialized services to the clients

In view of the type of service and role specific needs of the stock broker the skills or competencies required to fulfill their responsibilities have been identified as follows:

· excellent oral communication

· self-confidence and decision making ability

· Persuasive nature

· Professional approach

· Numeric ability

· Logical reasoning

· In-depth market knowledge and attention to detail

· knowledge of current socio, political, and economic trends

· good judgment of risks

· honesty and a trustworthy attitude

In addition to the above mentioned competencies an individual aspiring to be a stock broker needs to keep his cool and have the ability to work under pressure. The drive and urge to succeed and excel in their work is a primary requisite to achieve career objectives as a stock broker. (

Personal Strengths

A review of my personal strengths and abilities reveal communication as one of the strongest points that can work to my advantage in career management. Petit, Goris and Vaught (1997) noted communication’s function is essential for cases like allowing employees to conduct meetings, make memos, provide feedback and share corporate-wide information. I believed that the previous exposures and experiences that I gained has greatly assisted me in acquiring this core competency. Good communication skill was gained from giving presentations at seminars, supplier and customer service transactions (e.g. issuing clear and concise instructions, advising and assisting customers, etc).

I am also used at working on team projects particularly during my course. As a member of the team projects I have proved my abilities as a good and empathetic listener that has enabled me to judge the situation and present effective solutions to the issues in hand. My team leader noticed my natural sense of persuading others in the team to coordinate and cooperate better and agree to the objectives and milestones that were vital for the success of the project. This particular observation was quite helpful since I was given the team coordinator responsibilities in the subsequent projects. My involvement in the capacity of a team coordinator greatly improved my skills of communication and persuasion.

Considering the significant role of communication in stock broking, coordinating is among the basic ingredients of my professional success. I also believed to the spill over effects of effective coordinating function like the development of teamwork and successful working relationship. Teamwork is also attributed to the positive effects upon the psychological health and well-being of organisations member (Carter and West 1999). Through effective communication, people are motivated to work in unity and towards the achievement of individual and organisational goals alike.

Personal Weakness

In my previous job I had landed into an argument with my team member while discussing the feasible alternative that can be adopted to complete the task objectives nullifying the associated risks. The heated argument was not seen in a favorable light by my managers. Indulging in the process of self introspection I realized that I tend to be quite dictating and adopt a more commanding tone while communicating with other people. Though I can persuade and coax people into agreeing to my views and observations the commanding tone that I use to communicate the message is not liked by most people.

This is not a favorable attitude and causes problems in development of harmonious relationships with fellow colleagues. This weakness is more a form of autocratic leadership that has become outdated and irrelevant in today’s business world. People and institutions do not favor this style of leadership anymore and this can pose serious limitations to career growth and development prospects. The current management style prefers a softer approach to people in order to develop a productive and effective team. As stated by a few authors (e.g. Cohen and Brand 1993; Hyde 1992), management requires leader’s full participation and involvement instead of designating individual groups who will shoulder all the responsibilities.

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Furthermore, this also helps in creating a sense of commitment and loyalty (Hill 1991). In the business point of view, good leadership proves to be quite beneficial as aids in effectively meeting job-related demands, creating higher-performing teams, fostering renewed loyalty and commitment, increasing motivational level, and reducing absenteeism and turnover of employees (Drucker 1995).  I presumed that I am the opposite of a favoured leader. I am autocratic which means I tend to be overly manipulative and domineering. This attitude hinders the development of harmonious relationship or esprit de corps among colleagues and most importantly on the part of potential clients. I recognised the need to learn a leadership style that will be instrumental on the achievement of my intended career role as well as the development of other important values useful in my future as stock broker and person as whole.

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Personal Development Plan Essay


This project development plan is a write up of the theoretical underpinning and the technical experiments or of the reengineering undertaken in order to answer the question(s) posed by the research topic. The project proposal should be supported by a list of current references and an annotated bibliography. The proposal must include A good development plan is not a easy document. To be influential, it has to be built approximately a development model beached in real-world skill. It has to be cautiously crafted to fit the needs of the person being urbanized. It has to comprise job assignments that build leadership skills. And it has to be hold up by the organization and incorporated into a development philosophy that views planning documents as the commencement of the development expedition, not the end (Ametrano, I. M., 2003, 190-193).

During the research of this network based assignment I have equally focus upon my personal development and look for to become accustomed the worldwide assessment of performance more especially to the personal development in networking. It is based mainly on WAN based networking for Nokia Incorporation The primary four part scores seek to gauge Personal grooming as a professional figure when I was capturing data, the aptitude to create a living in a dynamic-based company like Nokia.

Aim of Project

To design and implement a network model for an international organisation to get connections between two branches. To also examine the network model to make sure it met the performance and compatibility requirements.

Objective Of Research

No doubt, the objective of this network based project is a development plan for multier national company is an important part of any effectual leadership-development system at two levels. At the organizational level, these plans make sure that the next age group of leaders will have the skills and skills required to define and implement the corporation’s strategies. According to this research work at the personal level, it forces me as future leader to focus on what needs to be done in order to grow.

When done right, the individual development plan becomes a contract future leaders make with themselves and the organization about the things they want to do or to become. The plan creates discipline and a good plan creates motivation. If we analyzed then we come to know about basic object of this research based project: 1. Research into different area networks (LAN, WAN, MAN, etc) 2. Research into few network modelling and simulation software. (OPNET guru …etc)

3. Critical evaluation on the chosen area network (WAN)

4. Critical evaluation on the chosen network modelling and simulation software(OPNET guru) 5. To illustrate the issues to produce a better performance of a WAN 6. Using network modelling and simulation software(OPNET guru) to create a simulation for the designed network model 7. Implement a prototype to demonstrate the simulation of the network. 8. Testing the prototype to ensure it performs and its performance of the network met the requirements. No doubt, the worth network systems of Nokia is a ground of hypercompetitive and personal development spirited individuals were look at in an example of successful people. As predictable, people higher in hypercompetitiveness and in personal development competitiveness were together further possible to support values connected to self-contained uniqueness such as attainment, hedonism, and a determined for an exciting and demanding life, but merely hypercompetitives authorized the worth of power and control over others.

Furthermore, the data point to that people higher in personal development competitiveness were extra prone to support values linked to ensembled uniqueness. In exacting, they powerfully endorsed values linked with social concern, that is, with caring regarding the well-being of others and by treating them by admiration and as equals, whereas hypercompetitives uttered a lack of such concern. Discussion centered on the socialization procedure and how it can foster the development of dissimilar competitive orientations (Barak, A., 2005, 471-476).

Strengths And Weaknesses During The Research

Following strengths and weaknesses during this Research I have developed in my self and it is consist of eight part scores are derived directly from the work of my research 1. Self-esteem: An individual’s insight of self-worth as well as peers’ depicted value or feelings of significance of self during this technical research. 2. Coping Skills: Individual’s aptitude to develop and use effectual skills needed to total tasks successfully during this technical research. 3. Positive Assertiveness: Positive actions that are heading for to unpleasant and defensive strategies for objective attainment during this technical research. 4. Locus of Control: Full receipt and faith that personal achievement is not a matter of ‘luck,’ but rather personal decision making during this technical research.

5. Team Membership: An individual’s incessant recognition and actions are for eternity in full agreement by values and practices of possess group membership during this technical research. 6. Sympathy: An individual’s sustained ability and carry out to sympathize and feel the pains of every people and animals during this technical research. 7. Self-efficacy: The full work out of control from side to side personal expectations by the essential expansion of actions to total task productively during this technical research. 8. Caring: Whatever happens to one person or animal anywhere in the globe is significant to all people all over the place.

Developmental Needs

Personal development is supreme in sustaining and improving the functions of societies of any form. Maturity, as a function of personal development, is that condition or time of life at which a person is careful fully developed socially, intellectually, emotionally, physically, and morally. For complete personal development during technical research is the final objective of human development according to computer expert idea of self-actualization. Throughout this research and at work the professional ethics have been to make sure that I have to learn to live and produce together in peace environment for a good performance and agreement in such a way that each one stands to benefit from every other’s full contribution in upholding the values deemed significant for the betterment of organization.

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Deliverables Within The Research Proposal

This infrastructure can be federal, state, wide or corporate. In this proposed network system few live models of the infrastructure will be subjected to steady attacks of viruses for weaknesses of clients and server relations. • End-users of security: is another good aspect of proposed network. End users of security are frequently forced to deploy technology without field-testing. The proposed facility at Nokia will provide a place for end-users to test out security configurations. • Developers of security: The proposed network will offer a trial setting for developers to organize versions of their products. The Nokia can also serve as a test bed for interoperation among dissimilar vendors. • WAN Researchers: The Nokia will be intended to offer outstanding surroundings to behavior state of the WAN research in computer security and security tool development. By its very nature information declaration is a multidisciplinary research area for proposed network.

While most organizations that carry out explore in computer security focal point exclusively on the technical issues, it is proposing a truthfully multidisciplinary endeavor with ability from all regions. It is this amalgamation of technology, business issues, strategy concerns and ethics that construct our program exclusive and will permit us to manufacture extremely capable researchers and IT specialists. In this proposed study selected to separate information pledge in six explore efforts; Interruption detection, attack broadminded networks, rejection of service, Cyber rule, digital government, and e-commerce, Wireless communications and mobile security.

Declaration Of New Skills Acquired And Old One That Were Strengthened Due to this network based research the benefits resulting from participation are a function of the superiority and quantity of attempt for my research attempt. For instance, my positive struggle is related to the positive association among grades and the amount of thinker effort put into studying, organizing a campus-wide event requires further effort and is potentially a extra powerful learning knowledge than only attending the event. Those involved in the provision and exploitation of information require certain basic personal qualities as well as professional or technical skills and qualifications. You need only take a detailed look at current job advertisements to get some idea of what is being sought by today’s employer.

‘Dynamic and forward thinking’, ‘ability to work well under pressure’, ‘strong interpersonal skills’, ‘enthusiastic self-starter’, ‘good communication and team working skills’, ‘well developed IT skills’, ‘ability to teach client groups’, ‘project management skills’, ‘sense of humour’ (Elliott, R., 2003, 443-467). Four of the eight part scores are incorporated inside the Internal and Personal areas of one’s life spaced; while the further four part scores are from the External and unfriendly areas (Crutchfield, 2000, 162-169). 1. Home: The period connecting to research is the untimely rearing of the child and the hold up system that is concerned in that period of life.

2. Emotional: The feeling and emotional development in relation to interacting with others during this project. 3. Moral: Acceptance and following of the rules and laws of the land and becoming a role model for others during this project. 4. Health: Physical and mental health of individual as displayed in the personal development process during this project. 6. Social: The interrelations among the individual and the rest of society during this project. 7. Survival: The sustained enlargement of an individual and his/her ability to influence the environment and others during this project. 8. Race: The general receiving of all others and the aptitude to interrelate by them in a significant way during this project.


In opening any conversation on personal development during this project it has been noticeable that the initial response has usually been based on an assumption that the topic under discussion is training. Whilst this plays an important part, personal development is a broader process, concerned with motivation, attitudes and personal qualities, as well as job-related skills (Eriksen, K.,2003, 120-133). No doubt this research reveals to put it simply, it is a constant process in which the individual seeks to enhance his or her knowledge, abilities and skills, and/or develop new ones; a process of continuous self-building and realisation of his or her full potential. It takes place by linking abilities with preferences to achieve personal goals, and applies to all aspects of the individual’s life (Gershefski, 2004, 233-247).

For the purposes of this book it is in the context of the work situation that personal development is considered, but development of a professional nature and the resultant job satisfaction is likely to have a positive effect on life outside the work situation (LaCrosse, 2004, 170-172). In concluding end with the help of this research I came to know that the Nokia IT Network Administrators have worked with quite a few local law enforcement agencies to offer computer forensics support, counsel, and preparation for international connectivity purpose. The Nokia can be used to offer these services to law enforcement.

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Ametrano, I. M., & Pappas, J. G. (2003). Client-perceptions of counselors-in-training: The effects of sex and gender role orientation. Counselor Education & Supervision, 35(3), 190-193. Bachelor, A. (2001). Comparison and relationship to outcome of diverse dimensions of the helping alliance as seen by client and therapist. Psychotherapy, 25, 227-240. Barak, A., & LaCrosse, M. B. (2005). Multidimensional perception of counselor behavior. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 22, 471476. Braden, R., Ed., Zhang, L., Berson, S., Herzog, S., and S. Jamin, Resource ReSerVation Protocol (RSVP) — Version 1 Functional Specification, RFC 2205, September 2004 Baskett, F., Chandy, M., Muntz, R., and Palacios, F. Open, Closed, and Mixed Networks of Queues with Different Classes of Customers. Journal of the Association for Computing Machinery 22, 2 (2005), 248-260 Cooke, M., & Kipnis, D. (2002). Influence tactics in psychotherapy. Journal of Counseling & Clinical Psychology, 54(1), 22-26. Corrigan, J. D., & Schmidt, L. D. (2003). Development and validation of revisions in the Counselor Rating Form. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 30(1), 64-75. Crutchfield, L. B., Baltimore, M. L., Felfeli, M., & Worth, S. (2000). Empathic responding skills across counselor education training tracks: A comparison study. Journal of Humanistic Counseling, 38(3), 162-169. Downing, T. K., Smaby, M. H., & Maddux, C. D. (2001). A study of the transfer of group counseling from training to practice. The Journal for Specialists in Group Work, 26, 156-176. Elliott, R., & James, E. (2003). Varieties of client experience in psychotherapy: An analysis of the literature. Clinical Psychology Review, 9, 443-467. Eriksen, K., & McAuliffe, G. (2003). A measure of counselor competency. Counselor Education & Supervision, 43(2), 120-133. Gershefski, J. J., Arnkoff, D. B., Glass, C. R., & Elkin, I.

(2004). Clients’ perceptions of treatment for depression: I. Helpful aspects. Psychotherapy Research, 6(4), 233-247. Howley, D. (2003). Performance assessment in medical education. Evaluation & the Health Professions, 27(3), 285-303. LaCrosse, M. B., & Barak, A. (2004). Differential perception of counselor behavior. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 23, 170-172.

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Personal Development Plan Essay

Section 1: So far, I have learned that the course I have taking to complete my education, is the right path me. I have also learned that I am a hard worker, and I have attainable goals to which if I remain dedicated I will attain. My hopes in doing this development plan is to list out a clear plan for myself to maintain the momentum in my educational goals. I know that a lot of what I like to accomplish within the next 5 years relies on how well I am able to accomplish this goal. I want to be realistic in this plan. I want to be able to put together attainable goals. In this plan it has to carry a certain expectations that will guide me to see where I am and any giving point in time.

Because I want succeed in step towards completing my education, this plan is important to me. My Jungian Typology is INTJ “INTJs are idea people. Anything is possible; everything is negotiable. Whatever the outer circumstances, INTJs are ever perceiving inner pattern-forms and using real-world materials to operationalize them.” –Joe Butt I am very productive, whatever I set out to do in a day it will be done in a day. I am not easily distracted. I tend to be only curious in things that I need to understand. I am a mild external locus control, the variables in life affects our plans in ways that may not be easily to understand. Because of such possibilities, I believe our very best is required for whatever task we engage in so we can maximize our ability to succeed.

So far I am not experiencing burnout, this is also a good reason to have a plan in place when you are pursuing goals. Even in work, we have to develop a plan to handle the challenges that we may face. I believe this is why I scored 16 on the stress test. If you have an idea how you intend to be in a giving situation, you tend to Lessing the stress level that comes with it.

Section 2: OL 125: Personal Development Plan – SWOT Analysis (Milestone Two)

Strengths (What do I do well?)

Weaknesses (Where can I make improvements?)

I am a creative person.

I have an open mind, I listen to what people say.

I am slow to anger, I tend to give people room to learn from their mistakes. I am brave, not because I am not afraid, I believe that what must be done has to be done. I can be overly accommodating which can compromise my wellbeing. I can be not forthcoming at times which can affect how decisions are made. I can be enabler at times also which can give the impression that I am not interested in a particular circumstances. I tend to procrastinate on things that are easy for me to do, because I know it will not take much effort. Opportunities (What kinds of things could I be doing based on my strengths?) Threats (Where could I be using my strengths and talents more productively?)

I can be a writer. (novels, self-help books)

I can be a teacher.

I can be a motivational speaker

I can be a director (corporate, business)

The obstacles that I see that could prevent me from productive as I can be is the use of my time. I can also see that if I don’t continue to improve in my skill set through education I will not reach my professional goals. I have work on my procrastination over the little task.

I have to trust in the process of my plans and focus on attaining the level of education that I want to have

Reflection: The most interesting thing about the SWOT analysis is how simple it is to comprehend. We live out lives in parts, sometimes we never fully see how the other parts of our life affects all of our choices and action. Through SWOT analysis, we can begin to see how the parts fit. We can come up with a practical strategy to deal with our weakness and take advantage of our strength. SWOT analysis reveals that you need a plan to work right. SWOT analysis is a good strategic tool to use evaluate how we work. Quast, L (2013) Section 3: OL 125: Personal Development Plan – PEST Analysis (Milestone Three)

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1. Taxes- I am concern about how the taxation system will affect my income. 2. Civil liberties- as governments fall all over the world and the threat of terrorist attack a growing reality in our days, I fear that my civil liberties will be affected 3. Healthcare- want to see harmonization of healthcare across America. The reluctance of the populace of the United States of America to accept the healthcare law, while there is nothing else in place to replace it, may make it difficult to harmonize healthcare across America. The increased pressure on the uninsured to get a healthcare insurance may lead to civil unrest.


1. Domestic economic growth is slow and difficult to predict. 2. International economic growth is unstable and it affects our domestic economy. 3. Interest rate- the fluctuation interest rate makes it difficult to invest with confidence. Federal and State rules on taxation can improve the economy environment. If the economy growth does not improve, more people will be out of jobs and those out jobs will find it difficult to find new jobs.


1. Education-Society and culture has to continue to stress on the importance of education. 2. Terrorism- the international committee growing together to combat terrorism. 3. Lifestyle and attitude towards social culture changes

I see more educated and skilled engineers on various projects that I work on. The need for tolerance in the work place is needed now more than ever without a social-cultural emphasis on education ignorance will cause many problems in the work place.


1. Emerging technology- the Impact of emerging technology on daily business activities is increasing. 2. Outsourcing- globalization labor cost is catching up to domestic labor cost. 3. Economic Variable- The growth of technology is affecting the predictable pattern of global economic growth. Emerging technology is the foundation of the next technological boom. The pattern of sustainable growth in the technology sector may stall because of lack of skill labor force to guide its growth.

Reflection: I see that by making effective use of PEST Analysis, one can ensure that whatever they are doing will be aligned positively with the agents of change that affect the global community. By paying attention and taking advantage of the observed changes, one can maximize the possibilities of being successful than if your activities oppose it.

Section 4:

Fill out the chart below with the three practical goals you have developed during this course: Goals

Action Steps

Potential Obstacles

Plan to Overcome

Try to attend class consistently.

Create days and time to accomplish reading assignments then post on the discussion board early enough to get some feedbacks.

Work schedule and obligation may interfere.

Set a day to finish reading assignment and post in the discussion board. Work on one weak area from the assessment test.

Pay attention to the areas in my leadership that may need a conscious effort to develop. Not every scenario from work allows me to implement the things I have learned. Be patient and wait for the opportunity to put in practice the improvement that I have learned. Apply myself to becoming a better manager.

As an IT manager, there are so many crisis that sometimes you develop a routine of jumping in to help instead of letting the team leads to do their job. Some issue may be kept from me until it is too late to do something about it. Trust in those who are put in place to lead, and allow them to do their job.

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Final Reflection: This plan will work because it is part of the basic principles that makes one a good student or a manager. It will show in my leadership, and those who are affected by my decisions will see me in a better light. It would also prove to me that making a decision to continue my education despite the success I now enjoy from professional career, has not been a waste of time.

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Personal Development Plan Essay

A Personal Development Plan is a useful tool to ensure your skills are up to date. It also gives you the opportunity to identify areas which you find difficult to carry out and which need improving.

Please take a moment and reflect on how your training and ‘on job’ experience have developed since joining the company.

What training and development activities (including work experience) have you done? What did you learn?

Training, development activities

Learning outcomes

Training for:

–Peristeen bowel management

Training for-diabetic /insulin management

Training for-Tracestronomy /nebulizer

Training for-Oxigen saturation/Suction machine

Update training

To use a several kind of equipments:

-cough assistant


-oxigen sat. Monitor

-suction machine


-tilt table

search to web for the following subjects:

Abuse-Safeguarding Adults

Diseases-Brain injury,Celebral Palsy,infections(MRSA,HiV,TBC,Hepatitis) Codes of Practice for SocialCareWorkers


Person-centered Care

Murder of Michael Gilbert

Service users rights

Pa testimonials

-It has need a longer experience with this ,itself the training not enough without experience,That is the best If the client able to instructions me what need to do ,and how.

-big responsibility to take a deal and to manage a diabetic client ….not just about the insulin ,but about everything,because this disease does bad effects on every way of the client life/health(how cook and often to check ,daily more times their sugar limit)

It was the most complicated knowledge for me ,because so much depend on the clients personally needs .And there are to carry out just some minutes my duty if the client is in emergency situation.

-It was so useful to repeat my previous knowledge to fresh up what I have learned before,first of all the handling and moving part of the the training what I have enjoyed…etc ,how I can to move somebody if I can not rolling them.

-very helpful to keep a health/strong breathing ability ,this is an exercise to the breathing muscles of client

-this keeps in correct position the client arms and legs

-keep in focus the oxigen limit of client and this does and alarm if this is low,so then the Pa has time to act with this.

-keeps clear the client’s airway.

– This will helps to breathe deeply and cleans the airways

-a good and safe and also a comfortable equipment to stand up and take balance,stimulaing the musc les.

What part of your job are you really good at? What gives you greatest pleasure?

I have been in more countries and I have worked there as a carer …with very different type of clients in different languages ,different lifestyle…so in this way I accept everyone easy way I’m flexible and I learn quickly in new situations. I can help in their life my clients to keep them independent as possible,because the little things can takes a lot day to day.I could make it easier to manage their lifestyle and to provide them confident feelings,because they can controll their life.

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Feedback: (to complete by assessor)

What parts of your job do you find difficult? What parts of your job do you want to improve?

If somebody is disabled then they have a hard situation in their life ,because their life more complicated like to others. So this situation can lead stressful and impatient personality ,…It is not always easy to tolerate.This has been more times when the client was angry,nervious,impatient ..etc or just They had a bad day…and a part of the clients has a propensity to deduce it on the Pa….

-try to be more accepting and patience

-develop the English language and acquire more knowledge in my work

Feedback: (to complete by assessor)

Why did you decide to complete your Diploma? What goals have you set yourself which can be achieved by the completion of the Diploma?

I have 7-8 years experience as a carer but I had no any education about it ,so this is the high time after several years of experience to take some qualification. And also in this way I can improve in my job and I can provide a higher quality care for my client ,and probably I can take more knowledge in wider part of care job. Furthermore Some clients are also to prefer to take a Pa ,Who has a diploma.

Please complete at the end of your Qualification

Have you achieved the goals you have set yourself by completing your Diploma? Has it improved your practice and how?

What is your next goal?

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Personal Development Plan Essay

Capital is generally referred by the people to the financial assets and resources, however besides the money; personal capital is also a part of capital. Capital is basically the ability to do something and it allows a person to make his own selections and if it is not available, it is very hard or almost impossible for one to make selections.

To evaluate the performance of an individual, capital is an important concept. However, personal performance is not normally termed as capital but it does function in the same way as the financial resources but as for the financial resources, we must build up these resources if we want to accomplish something but the personal capital of an individual is his skills, intelligence, his network of contacts, education, or relationships, etc. (Productivity 501, 2007).

We have certain options from where we can choose and these options are interdependent on the amount of capital we have actually acquired. For instance, let’s consider the skill capital. This can further be explained by an example of the skill to perform a particular task to accomplish a particular goal. This can also be to sail all around the world. However, this can only be made possible if the person knows how to sail. If this person does not even know how to sail in a lake along with strong winds, he would never be able to sail around the world. Same applies to the other skills that come under personal capital.

Personal capital is something that an individual need to develop personally and is not present in a person from the start. This is basically about polishing the skills you already have in you and is all about increasing our skills as well as the level of intelligence that can be done by various activities such as by reading, studying, taking courses, etc.

As for the relationships, they can be improved by investing some more time in them. In order to build up a relationship, giving time, taking care of the person and showing love is very essential and without all these factors it would be hard to maintain any relationship as these are the core factors that are required to make up and then to handle a relationship.

To increase our network of contacts, it is a must that we reach out people after which we must stay in contact with them because just reaching them out won’t work effectively. Therefore, we must also remember our past acquaintances and should keep in touch with them as well. The activities mentioned above helps to increase our personal capital and so it also increases the opportunities that we might get.

 According to Tom Peters, “everyone lives by selling something.”  (Peters, 1999). People normally retreat when they hear about the word sales as it sounds devious. However, when you convince the other person and you sell, it develops more pleasure and satisfaction and it is all about moving your resources to the ones who need them.

Personal capital is basically an ability in a person to make a difference and it can be either processing ability or leverage. The processing ability is basically the extent to which a person achieves a desired result with the resources available to him. It is all about achieving a task based on the thinking skills, energy, character of a person, the level of knowledge and know-how about an activity, thus it is all about achieving the targets within the given resources. This furthermore increases the value of a person as when an individual is different from the others and is able to do tasks effectively, it gives him an edge over others and this can even be his core competency.

For instance, let us consider an example of a person who has stared with a new job and as the job is new, the person would need some guidance in order to achieve the targets. Therefore, as assistance is needed by the employee, the results would not be totally based on his skills but later after the employee develops understanding and know-how; he would be able to do the same task without getting help from any other person and can work independently. This shows that his processing ability has been increased.

The second part of personal capital is leverage, it raises the productivity of others by using your expertise and further explaining it, we can say that it amplifies your processing ability through others and this can either be done by coaching an employee who is new or by guiding him with the way in which the task is to be performed. Leverage can be measured in a way as our ability to transfer our knowledge to the other party, for example leverage of an economics teacher who teaches the course at a university can be judged in way how he teaches the student and does that really benefit the student or not i.e. does it increase the knowledge of the student or not. Furthermore it is also about using your own previous experience to teach the new employees and help them out to reduce chances of errors or mistakes and when this is achieved, a person achieves leverage.

Personal capital can only be built only by learning and trying, it is about the way in which an individual is supposed to take a process and further turn it into a better work process and it is also about adding value to the ideas proposed by the others. People can take courses that could help them to increase knowledge and their processing ability and the way they can share their knowledge that in turn increases their leverage. The reason why personal capital should be built is because of the value we place in making a difference in the tasks we are assigned and the better personal capital an individual has, the better can he perform and achieve he desired goal. Moreover, people have better personal capital will also be able to accomplish tasks that are more complex and challenging.  This is not just the only requirement; however a person should keep on improving his personal capital so that they can benefit from it and fulfill his responsibilities as a team member.

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Being creative is to turn the ideas that erupt into your mind into a reality and for consists of two aspects that have to be considered. The first one is the ability to think that a person has and the other is to actually create that particular idea. For creative thinking, innovation is a must. This basically means to implement the idea that has been though of. However, if some one has ideas but he does not implement them, he would be considered imaginative and not creative. Therefore, the crux of this paragraph is that there is no use of thinking if you are not doing what you have thought about. (Linda, n.d.)

Moreover, creativity can also be defined as something that is new and it therefore requires both zeal as well as dedication. People usually determine certain symbols and myths from creativity that further reveals the hidden points of life. (Rollo May, The Courage to Create)

According to another author, a product is only creative when it is novel and appropriate. Moreover, he states that a new product shows its originality, however it cannot be predicted. Creativity of a product basically depends on the concept. The bigger it is, more the ideas are generated and so creativity increases. (Sternberg & Lubart, Defying the Crowd)

Creativity can be used for the purpose of economic development, at work and everywhere. The resources available to us in the world are limited but the demands of the people are unlimited. Creative ideas only come in such case when our resources are restricted and as a popular saying of an economist and a social philosopher says that “Invention is the mother of necessity.” (Thorstein Veblen, 1857 – 1929). However, time and budget can limit creativity.

In today’s world creativity is taken as something more than just an artistic expression as it was perceived to be in the previous centuries. However, now it is also essential in many other areas as well. It can be used just anywhere, in a very small thing such as to make a loft or a professional canvas painter. However, creativity can be taken differently by different people who are engaged in different tasks. Constant learning enhances the creativity in a person. Moreover, we should explore different techniques that can help us in improving our creativity. We should brainstorm ideas, do mind-mapping and meditation, etc.

I would also say that creativity is basically a mental process that is all about creating new ideas but its originality and appropriateness should not be affected in any way.

Creativity is also referred as a divergent thought from the scientific point of view and can be studied from various point of views such as in some of the aspects such as – behavioral psychology, social psychology, psychometrics, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, philosophy, history, economics, design research, business, management, etc. (Linda, n.d.)

There are certain questions that one must ask oneself for personal development.

· What’s the history of a person and repercussions for contributions in the past.

· Where we are and what have we gained? (Instead of, “What have we lost?”)

· What needs to be changed, such as structures to encourage and support learning and innovation?

· What needs to change in my leadership style to foster more of a learning culture? When and where should I practice being a learner?

Once we ask those questions to you, one must also consider some of the things mentioned below.

· Hierarchy is not inherently a problem.

· Technical hierarchy not social hierarchy.

· Acknowledge power & power dynamics. The more open this is, the less it will be a subtext of interaction.

· Be in the role of teacher, when the authority in a particular skill or situation, and of learner when not.

· Trust, trust, trust. Trying to control everything accomplishes the opposite.

· Communication – Interaction must be encouraged as it is essential for personal development.

· Documentation – Document learning in one area or project such that it can be shared with other areas and projects.

The personal vision of a person is very important as this further develops goal awareness and social orientation. The personal vision of an individual helps them to guide their lives and also provides the direction that is essential to make a choice about the career. It thus, helps to show a way to a person and so it is important for us to identify our personal visions. A personal vision is basically written focusing on the life of person i.e. the joys and the sadness’s filled in their life, what they have achieved and how they have achieved, their contribution, what makes them, their brilliance as well as heritage.

Personal vision in turn develops goal awareness as once you identify the personal vision is it easier for a person to focus more on his goals and what he wants to do in life. Moreover, it also develops social orientation in a way that a person cares more about the well being of the society and so he makes sure that their needs are being taken care of and they are satisfied.

Other than that, an individual should also have the capacity to working together with other individuals and for this it is necessary that he develops communication, interactive skills and development orientation. The skills and performance of an individual must be upgraded continually and meeting this requirement involves training and development activities and appraising performance for the purposes of giving feedback and motivating people to perform at their best. Training usually refers to teaching lower level employees how to perform their present jobs, while development involves teaching managers and professional employees broader skills needed for their present and future jobs.

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Individuals must take training to enhance their individual performance that would then increase their productivity. It should focus on developing management skills/development and supervisory skills, technical skills and communication skills.

Orientation training programs should be designed for individuals because they are typically used to familiarize them with certain things such as the general policies, procedures, culture and the like. All this results in reputed benefits such as increased morale of an individual; he becomes more productive, lower costs and the like.

Team training is also important because it recognizes to facilitate individuals working together. It teaches the people, the skills they to work together and also facilitates their interaction that further focuses on technical, interpersonal and team interaction skills.

Communication is very important because it is the only mode through which there can be an exchange of ideas between people but for this they need to interact with other people. They need to form their social groups, talk to their mates and develop orientation that helps to familiarize them with other people.

Moreover, concreteness is important too. In this comes openness to change, operational effectiveness and responsiveness challenge. To be concrete basically means to be specific. While making a personal development plan it is also essential to be concrete. An individual cannot do each and everything. Some might be good as some tasks and some might be good at some tasks and so it is not necessary that all people can do the same work well. This in turn develops core competency.

In the world today, changes are being made like in every second. However, it does take time for people to adjust to change and people are usually resistant to change but in the end they do have to accept the change. Therefore, it is necessary that one must be flexible and be able to adjust to change well.

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