On Immigration Issue_ Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama Essay

Barrack Obama and Hilary Clinton had both express their plans about the reformation of the immigration system in the country. Currently, America’s population is increasing fast. However, there are several who are not listed as legal migrants of the country. According to the website of Ohama, the number of undocumented immigrants had increased for more than 40 percent since the year 2000. This shows that there is an approximate of five hundred thousand people who lives illegally or who overstays in the country every year. Immigration raids are ineffective because an estimate of 3,600 arressts were made in the year 2006.

This only shows that the ratio against the number of discovered illegal immigrants versus the total number of illegal immigrants does not even reach 1%. (barrackobama.com, 2008) Barrack Obama had planned on create securing borders for the country. He had stated in his plans that he is very willing to back-up the integrity of the borders. He would implement this through providing additional people, infrastructure and technology needed on the borders and points of entry of the country. Obama wants the system to work in a real time manner so that the immigrants who had been reviewed as illegal would be easily deported to his or her country of origin.

The same as Obama, Hilary Clinton wants to know who is in the country through the security of the country’s border. She also agrees in having a new technology that would help stop the flow of illegal immigrants in the country. Both Obama and Clinton had pointed out the security of the border. However, Obama’s plan had been more specific as to what actions must the government take in order to secure the borders. Clinton had stated the security of the borders but she did not tell what particular aspect of security must be done to the border.

Hilary Clinton had mentioned in her plans that the employers must follow the law against employing and exploiting illegal immigrants. Clinton had proposed that a new technology to help stop the flow of undocumented immigrants in the country and an employer verification system that is universal, accurate and timely. Barrack Obama on the other hand would remove incentives for immigrants to enter the country illegally.

This would be done by pinpointing the employers who hire undocumented immigrants. Upon identification of these employers, corresponding punishment would be done to these employers who had been found to hire illegal immigrants. Looking at the plans of both Presidential candidate, Hilary Clinton’s suggestion on the implementation of a technology for illegal employment is a good measure to determine automatically who are the illegal immigrants.

Barrack Obama’s plan concentrated on the employers and the corresponding punishment that would be given to such. The difference between these plans is that Hilary wants to determine the illegal immigrants and the employers while Barrack wants to know the employers only and not the illegal immigrants of the country. Among the laws and regulations that both candidates wanted to prioritize it is the family of the illegal immigrant and the illegal immigrant. Hillary plans to repair the immigration system. She had stated that the current immigration system at times is the reason why families are damaged and forced to be apart because of the current laws.

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As such, Hillary Clinton had noted a national interest in the families. She had introduced an amendment during the consideration of the immigration reform bill that would protect the family. Obama’s plan is to fix the immigration bureaucracy and increase the number of allowed legal immigrants to be with their families and meet demand for jobs that employers cannot fill. Obama had noted in his plans bringing out illegal immigrants out by providing a system that would allow illegal immigrants to gain legal status if the immigrant is in a good standing to pay a fine, learn the English Language, and law-abiding in order to become citizens of the state. He had also included in his plans to expedite citizenship to the military troops who are foreigners and serves America.

This population is around 5% of the total US troops population. Hilary Clinton was not able to take note of this things on her plans in immigration. However, she had noted facts on the impact of immigration policies on the workers. She would take note of the worker programs that exploit workers and creates cheap labor that undermines the wages of the U.S. workers. The right of a worker to work in safe conditions with decent wages had been noted in her plans. Clinton would support Ag Jobs programs. This program is about keeping agricultural industry lively and enable agricultural workers fair wages and labor protections that they need.

As a conclusion, both candidates have noted several important issues that needs to be tackled regarding Immigration. Both had determined that the undocumented immigrants must be known. The large number of illegal immigrants in America is very alarming that is why, both of them had created plans immediately in order to contain the problem.

Hilary Clinton had addressed the issue of border security, illegal immigrant employment, immigrant family choice and cheap labor exploitation. Barrack Obama on the other hand had addressed border security, illegal immigrant employment, honorary of the immigrant troops and converting illegal immigrants into citizens. Based on the presented plans, Obama’s show more details and also looks on the realistic side of the problem. Specific solutions are specified in his plans and this has made his plan more realistic.

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