Nationalistic Design Essay

Nationalistic design is the reflection of a nations identity and culture through a design of a product or brand. The nationalistic design relates to any aspect of the country’s origin, history, emblems, culture, monuments or style. Nationalistic Design. Renault

This car brand can be considered and recognized as a French design. The brand has position themselves as a symbol of French technology and reliability. They have cars designed for almost every range of price segments and became the representation of the French technological advance in the automobile industry through their presence in the Formula 1. Renault has a history of more than a century in the car market and has a greater recognition world wide greater then Citroën.

Juan Valdez—Café de Colombia

Colombia has a worldwide recognition for being one of the largest coffee producers in the world and for having one of the best ones as well. Juan Valdez is the brand of the Colombian Coffee Federation and its design and image are oriented to reflect all of the farmer’s coffee growing tradition. Their logo is a representation of the regular peasant working in the Coffee farms in Colombia a long with the donkey, which is traditionally used to carry the coffee bundles around the farm’s fields. Their packages reflect the traditional Colombian farms of the coffee zone in

Colombia and the coffee plants. Also Juan Valdez is the brand of the coffee stores around Colombia and major cities of the world, just like Starbucks.

CO Colombia, is the brand that the Colombian government launched last year to promote all the tourism and attract investment to the country. The brand’s design is in my opinion can be considered nationalistic or Colombian design due to the nature of it and its main purpose. And part of the brand’s identity and logo design, each part of the design is oriented to promote and reflect some aspects of Colombia’s geography, symbols, culture and tradition. The brand’s stocks are now traded in Wall Street since the year 2012. Non-Nationalistic Design. Pepsi

This soda brand owned by Frito Lay, although is an American original brand, hasn’t developed a tradition that reflects its connection with the United States. The brand along with Coca Cola, is known in almost every corner of the planet, and in almost every country they have production plants and all the advertisement is adapted to the local markets. This brand does not reflect a nationalistic design since it represents further more than an American origin, it has become a local adapted brand through out the world countries.

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This German sports brand in my opinion can’t be considered as nationalistic design due to the focus of their business and worldwide adaptation to local sports. Adidas does not have a traditional design of a product that represents the German culture nor history. Their general focus in sports and the design of all shoes and apparel related to them, as well as the endorsement of players all over the world doesn’t gives them a national identity for which their products represent or can be associated with.

Bo Concept

The furniture and home style company Bo Concept in my opinion isn’t a national design brand since their main focus is oriented towards a modern style and cool design of their products. They have stores all over the world and in general, they all look the same. Their concept is a high luxurious decoration furniture for homes with a modern style. Their products are a mixture of designers and generally do not reflect a particular tradition or culture. It can be said that they are the reflection of a globalized world without a clear identity of their origin.

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