Mosquito Trapper Using Sugar and Yeast Essay

I. Problem (Question)

How to prevent mosquito bites and sickness like Dengue that we can get from mosquitoes? How can we prevent spread of mosquitoes in our house without buying with high-priced electric mosquito killer lamps, insect killer racket or any other device that is too pricy for killing insects and mosquitoes?

II. Title

Mosquito Trapper Using Sugar And Yeast

III. Introduction

Our group observed that many people especially children are prone in getting sickness from mosquitoes and may suffer sickness like Dengue and Malaria that may lead to death. Our group also observed that we can create a mosquito trapper and also a mosquito killer using recycled and improvised materials. In this, we can save more money and it is safer to use than mosquito killer lamps, insect killer racket, mosquito coil, mosquito sprays and other mosquito or insect killers that are not safe with children. Our idea of a mosquito trapper using sugar and yeast may be dirty and unpleasant to see in our front yards, but as mentioned, it is safe and is cheap. It is also easy to create it and we can save more of our money instead of buying electric mosquito or insect killer devices.

IV. Materials

Water, Brown sugar, Yeast, 2-liter or 1.5 liter bottle, Scissors, Tape, Black cover (optional)

V. Procedure

Cut the bottle in half. Mix brown sugar with hot water and cool it down. Pour it in the bottom half of the bottle and add the yeast (do not mix it). Place the funnel part, upside down, into the other half of the bottle and tape it together if desired. We can also wrap the bottle with something black (mosquitoes are also attracted or drawn to the color black), leaving the top uncovered and place it outside in an area away from your normal gathering area.

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