Wood Essays

Eco Friendly and Formaldehyde Free

Don’t have the budget for solid-wood kitchen cabinets, but still want to avoid VOC emissions? You’re in luck. In recognition of the new school year, here’s a pop quiz: What do mussels – those delectable morsels from the sea best served in a white wine sauce – and plywood have in common? Can’t see the connection? Read on! Unless you, like some mussels, have been living under a rock, you will be aware of the growing hullabaloo about VOCs (volatile…

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Wood and Wood Products

Wood and wood based products are an important part of our day to day life. In India, three main types of wood based panels viz. , plywood including blockboards and flushdoors, fibreboards and particleboards are manufactured. Wood products include: cases, boxes, hard wood flooring, joinery, wood casks, treated rough wood, pre-fabricated wooden buildings, wood carvings, door frames and other niche items. Most wood in India is used for the manufacture of doors, window frames, wall panels, moldings and furniture. Domestic…

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