Wife Essays

Wife and Filipino Women

“They seemed faded plants sown and reared in darkness, having flowers without perfume and fruits without the sap”, Jose Rizal said in his letter “To the Young Women of Malolos” that the women were very passive to what the church teaches them but he had been proven wrong when the news of what had happened in Malolos reached him. In his letter, Rizal praised and honored the twenty brave women of the town for their victorious battle for their just…

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The Iroquoian Wife

Before the arrival of Europeans in the American continent, the natives had a culture that was alien to European arriving in the continent. “Native-American family life was both different from and transformed by contact with European culture. British observers (mostly male) regarded gender roles and marital customs among the Indians as an abdication of men’s authority” [Redefining Family, 2007]. Over the years, suppression of the tribes, intermarriages, forcing European values on the Native Americans changed their culture. The role of…

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An Indian Muslim Wife

Religion plays an important part in family and society in most of the Muslim societies. Muslims and Christians are spread throughout the world and the puritanical Christian and Muslim wife based in the concepts of scriptures of both religions may be a part of the books only [Rashid, 2007]. Cultural influences, economic conditions and varying influence of religion in the society means that a Muslim wife of one society is not subject to the same kind cultural practices throughout the…

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