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An Overview of Four Government Agency Websites

The FNS website is dedicated to providing information regarding the distribution and availability of food throughout the United States. In relation to this, the site also contains data on nutrition, and well it is maintained across different regions and population groups. Statistical information on child nutrition, food distribution, as well as food security are all made accessible to the public; furthermore, statistical data on FNS programs, such as those on school meals and disaster relief, are available as well (FNS,…

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Websites are an integral element in ensuring proper electronic communications between various entities bearing in mind that the world is rapidly going high-tech. Websites may thus be categorized into 3 groups namely: bad; good; or ugly. Good sites ensure fast maneuverability besides offering accurate and relevant information. Ugly sites are those that appear plain silly owing to various omissions or unnecessary additions. Conversely, bad sites have the characteristics of being inefficient to use owing to poor design. The Department of…

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Evaluation of Websites

Content-This site is about the effects of armed conflicts on children. The material used was a published work of Machel, an expert on armed conflicts, which was presented in the United Nations assembly. Currency-The report was made in 1996 but was published in this website in 2002 making it relatively updated. Reliability-Since the author of the report is a renowned humanitarian and the sponsor site, UNICEF, is known as an established organization, the information embedded on this site are highly…

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