Trends Essays

What Makes the Youth of Today Follow the Latest Trends

Today’s youth are not entirely dependent on their parents for their knowledge and opinions. They have become more independent as time goes on. There are many changes that they undergo and it takes extra effort to really understand all of their behavior (Taylor, Carl 2003). In most of the social problems encountered by today’s young adults, the critical factor is the role of parents and educational institutions in forming, molding and strengthening of children and young adults’ values. In raising…

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Global Trends

As time passes by, the world encounters various changes (Lewis, 2003). What do you think would be the future course of humankind 5-7 years from now? Some changes are for the improvement and development of our living and of course, when the good are changing to the better, the bad aspects are changing to worse. The world faces a great responsibility in managing the different global trends nowadays. We will then discuss two of these trends that give us great…

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Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (timss)

The Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) is an international comparative assessment about mathematics and science education that is organized by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA). The survey has been administered periodically in cycles of 4 years since 1995. Initially TIMSS was an acronym for the Third International Mathematics and Science Study, which identified its position as the third study following the First and Second International Mathematics and Science Studies (FIMS & SIMS)…

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