Tool Essays

Tool for Orientation for Four Generations

In the current clinical setting, it is often common to find that evidence-based practice (EBP) is not being implemented. There are a number of causative factors that can be attributed to this observation. Some analysts have suggested that personal differences may be hindering implementation of EBP. It is therefore important to look into the validity of this factor with special emphasis given to age differences in the clinical setting. The question to be considered is whether or not there is…

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Wikis as Education Tool

With the development of today’s technology, it has allowed the creation and proliferation of information in a more convenient manner. Due to this, individuals have used this towards achieving competency and gaining the necessary foundation for learning that paves the way for improvement. Seeing this, instruments such as “wikis” have allowed the creation and further expansion of data. By taking into consideration the advantages of this mechanism in education, it can further harness the way educational goals are administered and…

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Mbit_ What Is Self Awareness_

Self awareness represents an understanding of our personality or the self. It includes the understanding and discovery of one’s strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. Others include understanding our attitudes, values and beliefs. Self-awareness denotes our consciousness and recognition of our self history (Smith, 2008). This means that we understand that we are the same person over time and that we can identify thoughts and actions that we ourselves do. Self awareness is directly related to our ability to communicate. Self…

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