Terrorist Essays

Terrorist Organizations

Most of the terrorist organizations that have hit the headlines have religious connotations mostly leaning towards Islam. The al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbolla all tend to lean towards Islam although this does not mean that Islam condones terrorism. Some of these organizations also fuse their religious motivations to address political grievances. Islamic martyrdom has become prevalent to an extent that most people draw parallelism between the two. Perpetrators of suicide terrorism do so in the belief that it is a…

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The Terrorist, He Watches

“The Terrorist, He Watches” by Wislawa Szymborska is a poem that tells about the narrator waiting anxiously for a planted bomb to explode in a bar, watching and describing people as they enter and leave the bar. When a person leaves, the narrator acts as though that person is going to miss a real treat; when a person enters the bar, the tone of the narrator seems to increase, as though all of those to experience the bomb are quite…

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