Strategic Essays

Uae in Intensive Talk to Forge Strategic

The article “UAE in Intensive Talk to Forge Strategic” is chosen, because it provides thorough examination of UAE and detailed information about recent events regarding foreign trade and international policy. It is necessary to outline that findings presented in the article significantly contribute the evidence that UAE nowadays is trying to intensify its efforts and to strike its partnerships. The article is of great importance for contemporary business world, because it provides recent statistics and figures in terms of imports,…

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Strategic Recommendation for Music

The music industry is an interesting field to analyze. Hence, this paper presented the situations that existed within the business in year 2000. Based from the recommendation of the supposed Head of Strategy of a leading music label, Sony BMG, this paper stressed the need to adhere to the principle and practice of business partnership as what author Knopper presented in his book “Appetite for Self-Destruction. In doing so, the paper made the public realized the benefits of entering into…

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