Storm Essays

The Love Affair of Calixta and Alcee as the Storm

The Storm by Kate Chopin is a story of two people who are already married with their respective partners but still looked for happiness from other persons- their respective paramours. Both Calixta and Alcee know that they are both married and should be settled in their respective lives. However, they still had a sexual encounter one day when Calixta was left all by herself in their house while her husband and her son were stranded somewhere because of the storm….

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Tropical Storm Fay Wrecked Havoc in Florida Threatening Community Health

Fay is the latest storm to pass through the east coast flooding homes and threatening livestock and plantations in the area. MSNBC (“Tropical Storm Fay,” 2008) reported that before moving east, Storm Fay downed power in 95,000 homes and buildings. The tornado, caused by the storm, destroyed 51 homes in southeast Orlando and stranded 25,000 tourists. However, these are just the initial impact of the storm, as the affected communities now have to deal with the aftermath of the storm…

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