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Esl Classroom Standards

The United States has continuously been considered as the Land of Opportunity and the place where dreams still can come true. It is this unwavering image of the country that has prompted hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world to try their luck here, oftentimes bringing their families in tow. Although there are countries that have now begun to train students to become fluent and adept in the English language, many immigrants are still unable to properly…

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Standards of Academic Progress

I am taking an appeal of your prior decision to deny financial aid that would support my quest to obtain a degree in special education. I have loved Miami Dade, as it has given me education beyond the depths that I could ever imagine. Circumstances in the past month have required me to shift my attention outside school. My parents underwent a long and painful divorce proceedings which had require my time in order to avoid the situation from worsening….

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