Stage Essays

Pre Assessment Stage

The participants of the study are 40 second grade Hispanic students who are currently studying English as a second-language in one of their courses. These students lived at the Mexico-US border and are currently attending a small urban school district in the metropolitan Chicago area. Two teachers were selected from a list of teachers who were known to apply each method (Pask’s and Landa’s) in teaching mathematics. Procedure Two classes of 20 students each were compared in a month’s period…

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The Speech Emergence Stage

Students undergo with this stage can use the language to communicate with the use of minimal amount of critical thinking. They can learn 3000 words which they can practice using by constructing simple phrases and sentences. Also during this stage, students may manage to tell easy stories and start modeling their speech, not by imitation of that of their friends but what they believed is much easier to say. Little conversations are commonly valued on this stage, therefore, students are…

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