Source Essays

Libraries, Documentation and Cross Referencing

One of the requirements for the final report in this course is to find and use information in external sources—either published, unpublished, or both. Of course, you might feel that your project needs no external information—that you already know it all. However, you should be able to identify information that you don’t know and that needs to be in the report. For example, imagine you were writing backup procedures for running some sort of high-tech equipment at your workplace. Sure,…

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university of Phoenix Material

Is the source reliable? How do you know? This source is reliable; he is certified fitness specialist with a degree from Marymount Manhattan. Crupi is also owner of peak fitness gym in Westport, CT. Is the information relevant to the topic? The information is relevant because he is telling the reader how to properly workout and going into detail about each body part and what it works on. For example chest-push-ups, back-seated bent over row, abdominal- crunches, calves-seated calf raise,…

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Critical Reading

Reading is a very important part of learning, as it helps us gather information converting the information in a book, journal, newspaper, etc. into a usable form. It helps you understand a topic of a particular area of study and through out it is how we understand the topic and it is when we start making our own judgment and opinion in the theme. This becomes more important through university, where your are studying a specific subject and you want…

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