Solution Essays

An Overview and Presentations of Possible Solution

Ethical operation is an important issue discussed in the case. Ethical issues are brought out if it considered that social corporate responsibility is a major point of discussion. The organisation feels that it is time it paid back to the community that has for a long time played an important part in ensuring it stays operational. However, the main challenge that Kava is faced with is sustainable development. All discussions clearly show that sustainable development is lacking in Kava. The…

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Obesity Solution

The article, “Clinton: U. S. Risks ‘Collapse’ Without Obesity Solution,” was published in CNN International Online. The United States former president, Bill Clinton, was in the forefront talking about obesity as a national crisis regarding the health and well-being of over thousands of Americans all over the country. Clinton claimed there is an apparent reason why the factors contributing to obesity should be wiped out, because it endangers the future of the nation. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention…

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Problem Solution_ Global Communications

Global communication is an operating in the telecommunication industry which provides communication solutions to customers worldwide but currently it is under tremendous pressure and uncertainty as the company is facing challenges pertaining to the rights of its stakeholders and increasing competition in the industry that has left GC behind other companies. This company is getting adversely affected by the over all situations to this extent that the share value of GC fell from $28 to $11 which is a huge…

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