Soldiers Essays

Soldiers, Politicians and War

The Great War, and its somewhat inevitable Second chapter, serve to now document a time when the world was taken aback at its own ability to destroy and yet endure terrible tragedies. Despite the intense hardships and inconceivable events soldiers were expected to go through, they persevered in a drive for political stability and in effect, national pride. Soldiers turned inward to seek the answers that bombs and infantry marches were not supplying them and some became great writers on…

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When We Were Soldiers

The Randall Wallace movie “When we were Soldiers” is a factual account of Vietnam War but with specific Hollywood aspects which one finds in majority of movies. The move takes you back to the year is 1965 and Lt. Col. Hal Moore leading the 1st Battalion of the 7th Cavalry. The battle takes place at the La Drang Valley called “The Valley of Death”. This film allows the viewer to see what fighting and the what the war zone was…

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