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Review of the _safety Training_ Episode of the Office Television Series

The mockumentary-inspired effort of the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) in presenting real life situations of workplace environment has paid off with the apparent success of the network’s American version of British BBC 2001 hit television comedy show “The Office. ” The 2005 release of the TV series in the United States paved the way for the public’s realization of the various exploits existing within an organizational setting. This is primarily due to the diversified hence obvious clashing of personalities and…

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Essay About Social Medias

In this essay we hear about Roger Scruton’s thoughts on social Medias. Most of his opinions on social Medias are negative, and only a few things are positive. He doesn’t think that this is how we should live our lives, and I agree completely. But we also have to look at the positive things. For instance think about how amazing it is to communicate with another person on the other side of the world. We learn new cultures much faster,…

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John Adams Mini Series

The epic HBO miniseries John Adams is far more than a simple historical drama or biographical account of the life of one of the United States’ founding fathers. The series is a glimpse of a period of American history of which many Americans today are unfortunately ignorant. When most modern Americans think of the period of the Revolutionary War and the birth of the country, barring those that study history during school or as an occupation, they think merely of…

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