Router Essays

Wireless Broadband Router

Wireless N has three components, which include an Access Point; This connects to the network free of wires, Built in 4 port full-duplex 10/100 switch for connecting the wired-Ethernet equipments together and the Router function that binds all the others together and makes the full network have a high speed or DSL connectivity. The Access Point makes use of the most current technology in networking and draft 802. 11 n. efficient data rate is increased by wireless-N’s mimo from the…

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Administrative Distance

In computing there are languages that the commands with each language. This paragraph is going to give commands of Cisco command which change the administrative distance of EBGP routes to the same value as IBGP routes and Cisco IOS commands to change the administrative distance of RIP to four. The commands for Cisco IOS command to EBGP routes are as follows: IOS Cisco vs. Juniper JUNOS: The technical differences IOS usually is a monolithic operating system, which means it runs…

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