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Romeo and Juliet

Art Song – refers to a type of music that creates vivid rhythmic images in the minds of potential audiences. Art songs became popular during the Romantic Era, as some say, the equivalent of impressionism in music. Mahler Symphony No. 1 (Funeral March) Movement 3 is generally moderately fast, as there is an alteration of crescendo and decrescendo. Movement 3 begins with a slow pacing (mollo), then increases, depicting vivid images of a funeral march. Then rhythm increases, as typical…

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Innocence and Hostility in Romeo and Juliet and of Mice and Men

One dictionary defines Innocence as ‘Freedom from sin, moral wrong, or guilt through lack of knowledge of evil. ‘ Thus innocence is the state wherein one is, in a sense, pure; free from doubt and dread and woe, unmarred by sorrow or the countless ills running rampant in the world. Innocence is associated with children and animals and nature. But for growth to occur, Innocence must be slain in order for Experience to flourish. This bittersweet transition from child to…

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