Risks Essays

International Organisations and their Role in Environmental Protection

Our planet has become a risk society; being exposed to the disastrous efforts as a result of the harm caused by humans. There are several risks with varying magnitude and severity such as the natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunami, tornado etc. and man-made disasters such as biological weapons, nuclear programme and so forth. Ulrich Beck, the German anthropologist intimates that the above mentioned factors indicate a world risk society. Natural hazards are existential threats to the entire human lives. Rising…

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Personal and Thoughtful Way

Respond in a personal and thoughtful way. We are especially interested in the depth of your thinking, as well as the quality of your writing ability (100 words or more). Taking a risk comes more easily to some than to others, but for most it will be an important part of becoming an artist or designer. Explain a risk you’ve taken in your life that has paid off – exploring something new, confronting a fear or problem, or taking a…

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Managing Political Risks

A firm must be able to manage the different kinds of political risks that it may have to face by investing in a particular country. Firm-specific risks are defined as risks that affect the multinational enterprise at the corporate and/or project level. The most consequential firm-specific risk is referred to as the “governance risk,” which entails that there may be a conflict of goals between the multinational enterprise and the host government (Frenkel, Karmann, and Scholtens 5). Volatility of foreign…

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