Representation Essays

Multicultural Feminism and Collective Representation

There is no doubt that the evolution of feminist theories, frameworks and ideologies have been instrumental in reassessing, redefining and reconstructing the social, economic, cultural and political contributions of women. Feminism’s rise and continuous growth in varying areas and communities paved the way for different movements which are readily geared toward emphasizing gender equality; asserting women’s rights and eventually abolishing the patriarchal hegemony. Indeed, the descendants of Eve are no longer confined into the oppressive realms of domestication and gender-based…

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The Representation of Women in King Lear and the Vicar of Wakefield

William Shakespeare’s great tragedy, King Lear, and Oliver Goldsmith’s novel, The Vicar of Wakefield, represent the women characters in a similar way, despite the numerous differences in terms of themes and symbol that separate the texts. Significantly, both works are centered on the relationship between the father and his daughters. The patriarchal view that the two texts share is therefore obvious. In King Lear, the primary focus is on blindness, on the contrast between appearance reality and on the rashness…

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Notion of Representation

Most of the modern society nowadays functions due to members of diverse philosophical backgrounds reaching a consensus on the various issues facing them. The functioning of these societies is based on such principles as social justice for all and equality. The social contract theory was largely supported by both Locke and Rousseau; the theory is of the view that people’s political and moral obligations depends on an agreement which exists between them to form the community. The social theory can…

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