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Your introduction is like a signpost at the beginning of a trail. It tells readers where you are going to take them, and what they will see along the way. As you think about your introduction, ask yourself: * What is my main idea or thesis? * Who are my readers? What language will I need to use to suit them? * What are the main ideas I will talk about in each paragraph? Body The body of the essay…

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The Personal Narratives Written by Beller and Thurber

Though the personal narratives written by Beller and Thurber were fairly short, they still revealed a lot about themselves, which essentially affected the experience of the reader. Through Thurber’s words, the reader gets a sense of who he was during his “University Days” by his many stories of the classes he claims he didn’t like. Beller on the other hand, reveals himself by his sense of style and description of the different unimportant articles of clothing. Both Beller and Thurber…

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