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The current financial crisis has many parallels with what happened to Enron in the early part of the decade. Although the hazards associated with overpaid executives, unethical practices and lack of accountability were clearly illustrated by the Enron Crisis; little was done to prevent the repetition of such behaviors. As a result, similar malfeasance, hubris and incompetence, coupled with the lack of political will for regulation has resulted in yet another financial crisis. The U. S. and overseas stock markets…

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Sprayer and Probability Questions

1. A real estate office has been averaging 1.8 sales per day for the past several months. What is the probability that the office will make 4 sales today? .0723 2. A washing machine in a Laundromat breaks down an average of two times per month. What is the probability that the machine will break down more than 28 times in the next year? .1775 3. Flaws occur randomly in a particular fabric with a mean rate of occurance of…

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Answer Each of the Following Questions

While doing research on black holes for a paper for a research skills class, you find two articles. Explain which article would be the best one to include in your bibliography for your research paper and why. Be sure to look at the type of information you would expect to find in each article and journal as well as other information provided in the citations. ‘Black holes and the information aradox : what happens to the information in matter destroyed…

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