Queen Essays

Organizational Structure of International Dairy Queen

International Dairy Queen is a subsidiary of William Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Group. Charles “Chuck” Mooty is the President and CEO. Charles Chapman is COO while James S. Simpson is CFO, Treasurer and Controller (Hoover’s Inc. 2007). According to President and CEO, Charles Mooty, the main asset of the company is people being a service company. Moreover, the company has franchisees and should be assisted to maintain growth (Jossi 2001). Dairy Queen was originally run as a family corporation until shareholders…

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Billy Queen

“Under and Alone” by Billy Queen is an interesting and illustrative book that tries to provide an in-depth analysis of an undercover life. The underlying theme of this book is to illustrate the difficulties of the personnel of law enforcement agencies and how they put their life in dangers for the betterment of the society. The ultimate purpose of this book to realize people of the sacrifices that law-enforcement make to keep them secure. Bill queen narrates the moral, social…

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Queen Elizabeth I

Having come into power under abnormal circumstances, Queen Elizabeth faced many inter-related challenges throughout her forty-four year reign. She was a moderate politician but a popular presence in what came to be known as the Elizabethan Era, an era that witness a flourishing of arts with the English novel, the British seafaring prowess and perhaps most noticeably, the British defeat of the Spanish Armada. Despite these victories, Queen Elizabeth’s legacy is a troubling one for historians. Queen Elizabeth faced many…

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