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Source Question on Public Health Reform 1832 1853

Sources B and C mainly provide similar evidence for attitudes towards Public Health and the dangers of an outbreak of disease in 1849 because they both agree that public health in certain areas were much worse than those which were affected by the new Public Health Act. This is clear because Source B refers to, “We live in muck and filthe” and Source C refers to, “We also want sewers and an ample supply of water”. They also both agree…

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Health Promotion for Alcohol

Bernadette Ward RN, Midwife, Grad Cert Ed, MPHandTM, MHlth Sci Lecturer, Faculty of Health Sciences, La Trobe University, Bendigo, Australia. B. [email protected]/* */ edu. au Glenda Verrinder RN, Midwife, Grad Cert Higher Ed, Grad Dip Pub and Com Health, MHlth Sci Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Health Sciences, La Trobe University, Bendigo, Australia. ABSTRACT Alcohol misuse in Australia society is a community issue that can be addressed successfully within a health promotion framework. It is important that strategiesarenotperceivedas‘quickfixes’butwork toward addressing some…

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Demography, Epidemiology, Health

Public health is the science of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organised efforts of society. Beryl S, 2007, BTEC National health and Social Care Book 2, page 116. Public health helps to improve peoples health and well-being in all communities across the nation. This is through improving quality in life, which has prolonged Britains life expectancy, decreased infant and child mortality and reduction of many diseases. There are seven main key aspects to public health in…

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