Privatization Essays

Margaret Thatcher_ Creating a Neoliberal Culture

Margaret Thatcher had a resounding career as a Prime Minister in Britain. She was loved and hated for her strong handed nature to politics. She drove down unemployment and brought Britain out of a recession through utilizing neoliberal policies. Thatcher increased the power of the private sector with a reduction of government regulation and privatization of public facilities. She took charge at creating a culture that was focused on the individual. Lastly she battled any unions, which sought to challenge…

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Water Privatization

Water is one of the most fundamental and precious human resources; a prerequisite to existence on earth. The provision of accessible, safe, affordable, adequate and sustainable drinking water is a basic human right. Governments all over the world are at the forefront in ensuring that every opportunity that can increase these fundamentals are encouraged while at the same time allocating resources towards strengthening water resource management to ensure accessible and steady supply of this precious commodity to its citizens. The…

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Ir Assignment

Trade union is any association or combination of employee or combination of employer wether temporary or permanent and within any particular trade, occupation or industry or within any similar.public sector consist of civil service,statuatories body and local authorithy.example of trade union in public sector nation union of teaching profession NUTP, Malayan nurse union, Malayan technical services union. First characteristics of Trade Union in the public sector are no public officer can join or form union unless exempted by Yang di-Pertuan…

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