Preference Essays

Understanding How Learners Learn

There are many books and Internet websites written about the VARK Theory. It is the trainingfairy’s opinion that as adult trainers we are not always interested in the in-depth theory, you need to have an understanding and run with it. This page will hopefully provide you with this understanding and refer you to books and websites to explore this subject further if you wish to. “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”…

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Frito Lay’s Quality – Controlled Potato Chips

This video is about Frito-Lay’s, which a snack company is. The company has 60 percent markets share. According to Tom Rao who is a vice president, operation of Florida Region, Frito-Lay’s commitment to deliver in top quality products in the marketplace is really four key areas, and it starts with top quality ingredients. Second, it is s strict adherence to a recipe that is based on consumer preferences. The third key is that they monitor in the manufacturing process, and…

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Motorcycle – Bajaj Auto

The research project was undertaken to study the consumer preferences towards 150 cc motorcycles in Ludhiana city. Consumer is said to be the pivot around which the entire business activities revolve and thus it is necessary to know that how individuals make decisions. Primary data were collected from a sample of 120 respondents which was taken from the service centers of the motorcycle outlets. The factors leading to need arousal for 150 cc motorcycles were identified as availability of better…

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