Polarization Essays


The heyday of polarization in America was during the cold war but of late there are some issues which are of public that lack polarization while still there are some issues where polarization is clearly manifested. Polarization is the presence of sharp division between two opposing sides like those of the batteries which have two polar heads that is positive and negative. Also in all our affairs there are those that support and others who oppose, this is what is…

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Bipolar World

Polarization means the union of like- minded countries into a single homogeneous unit in order to safeguard their national interests. Polarization thus, naturally means that various countries with similar ideas on various problems confronting the world unite around a super power with a view to giving united front. Polarization has been facilitated by the scientific and technological advances under which the world has shrunk in area and distance. In this way, when two centers of power, i.e. two poles appear…

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