Plumbing Essays

Aqualisa Quartz_ Simply a Better Shower

Introduction Aqualisa Quartz: ‘simply a better shower’ – a significantly innovative product developed by Aqualisa, in terms of both cost and quality, has been facing challenges in the market since its launch four months ago. The product described by one of the customers (a plumber) is a ‘push-fit-connect-you’re done’ shower and offers the customers ‘what they (the plumbers) want’. Despite the above facts, Quartz has experienced poor sales and has not met the company’s expectations. Hence, the company’s managing director,…

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Water Conservation in the Bathroom

It is clear to see that water is extremely necessary for people’s lives. We cannot survive without water. Although most people are aware of the importance of fresh water, many still inefficiently use and waste a large amount of water everyday. Thus, this essay will focus on “Water conservation in the bathroom”, which is really advantageous for people to save water. According to estimations, the bathroom is the place where people consume the highest amount of water, approximately 50% per…

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