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Philips Maps Out a New Direction – Case Analysis

Philips, the electronics manufacturer, has developed a plan to increase profits, shareholder value, and market positioning by 2010. The first step in the process is CEO Gerard Kleisterlee. Upon taking the top position, Kleisterlee was able to affect an immediate 4% rise in share prices by simply announcing the marketing make over plan. He believes that a focus on innovating and branding will be the key to the plan’s success. The strategies that Kleisterlee is employing are consolidating six operating…

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Philips Electronics Singapore

Manufacturing of common everyday utilities that span from household appliances, business equipment, and industry machineries require massive labor force that may span from a few hundreds to several thousands. This type of organization would typically have a wide operational staff base as there is the need to deal with production of goods. This is followed by different management levels and the top management whose functions vary from one another. A very important aspect in the landscape of organizations, to which…

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