Pharmacy Essays


As a pharmacy employee, part of my job right now is to educate patients about the type of medication that they are taking, how they should be taking it and what can happen if they take it wrong or have an adverse reaction to it. After all that teaching, following up with a graduate program in education just seemed to make sense. In my current position, I have been called on numerous times to correct misimpressions regarding medication and teach…

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Pharmacy School Admission

A glimpse at the list of the top ten most desirable jobs in world will reveal that everyone either wants to be a fireman, doctor, lawyer or an airline pilot. Further down that line and one will discover that being a Doctor of Pharmacy is not among the list of most desirable jobs. This is an understandable fact given that not everyone comprehends the importance and complexity of the job. Unlike others, however, I was given the wonderful opportunity to…

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Pharmacy School

Ever since my childhood days, helping other people with the best possible way I could is really within my interest. Hence, extending my effort to the most effectual manner in helping the people is something that I really enjoy to do. In light of this, I have decided and chosen to pursue a career that is involved in assisting and supporting the people or the public. Since then I always wanted to establish a steady job in the health profession,…

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