Pet Essays

Keeping Pets

Many people spend a huge amount of money on raising pets. In a world where millions are suffering from starvation or are under-nourished, I honestly think that such spending is unnecessary. There are good reasons for keeping pets. First, pets combat loneliness. Cats and dogs are a good companion for people living alone. Furthermore, keeping a pet can also be good for our health. There is evidence that raising or even just stroking pets can reduce blood pressure and stress,…

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The Effects of Having a Pet

The effects of having pets are: learning to care about another living being, learning to deal with the pets passing, learning about friendship, loyalty, and protection. Through my experiences with having dogs and cats, I have experienced these effects firsthand. First, learning to care about another living being has helped me to build my responsibility as a whole. It has also helped me to realize that I don’t want children of my own, for fear of losing them. Learning to…

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Relationship Between Pets

Relationships with an animal is important to a lot of people for several reasons. An Animal can be the best friend of a person. Kids can learn a lot by having an animal as a pet . Old people need pets to stave off the feelings of loneliness in their homes. Some people keep pets as a hobby or for doing sports. Animals are good for people of all ages. While kids are young they are able to learn, especially…

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