Past Essays

Affirmative Action Policies – Past and Present

In the past, affirmative action involved mandatory and voluntary endeavors by local, state, and federal governments, schools, and private employers to battle discrimination and promote equality in hiring and promotion of competent individuals. The most vital foundation was acknowledgment that there was confirmation for discriminatory practices and that earlier practices did not ensure such equality. In recent years, affirmative action policies do not authorize quotas or preferences, since it has been ruled by the United States Supreme Court that quotas…

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The Empires of the Past

The modern world is shaped by different cultures and beliefs that are rooted from the past. Moreover, most of the strategies and techniques used in architecture, policy making and trade are also handed down from former civilizations. The three most prominent empires that highly influenced modern day culture are the Roman, Gupta and Han empires. These empires rise and fall almost simultaneously while leaving behind a great legacy. Acquisition The Roman Empire (27 B. C. – 476 A. D. )…

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