Painting Essays

Renoir and Mayo Art Comparative Analysis

While both Renoir and Mayo’s art are similar in that they are both from earlier time periods, they are different in culture and where each scene from the painting takes place. Renoir’s painting is a French impressionism, while Mayo’s is contemporary American folk art. Renoir’s piece, Juenes filles au Piano, was painted in 1892, during the 19th century. In this piece, two girls are sitting at a piano. Renoir’s piece shows a wealthy like atmosphere because there are fancy curtains,…

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Painters and their Craft

1. Painters and their craft: Thomas Gainsborough and Joshua Reynolds–their place in the history of English art (genre peculiarities, style, pictures) Thomas Gainsborough was born in Sudbury, Suffolk, in 1727. His father was a cloth merchant. Thomas soon evinced a marked inclination for drawing and in 1740 his father John Gainsborough sent him to London to study art. He stayed in London for eight years, working under the rococo portrait-engraver Gravelot. He also became familiar with the Flamish tradition of…

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