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Hubris in Time of the Hero and Thing Fall Apart

In the novels The Time Of The Hero (TTOTH) by Mario Vargas Llosa and Things Fall Apart (TFA) by Chinua Achebe, both writers focus on the idea of hubris and the excessive pride of powerful characters. In fact both the Jaguar (TTOTH) and Okonkwo (TFA) are characters, which represents this idea of Hubris, as they’ve been shaped by their social environment and the notion of manliness and hierarchy. In TFA, Okonkwo respond to the Igbo society through his obsession of…

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Why Men Like Porn and Women Like Romance Novels

Gender differences and their implications have fascinated anthropologists and psychologists and frustrated those in relationships for decades. However, as more and more research becomes available on these differences, people can begin to understand them. One huge area of difference involves sexuality and arousal. For instance, research indicates that men are aroused by visual pornography while women are aroused by romance novels and more subtle approaches. While these differences may seem solely behavioral, evidence suggests that they may also be biological…

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