Myspace Essays


MySpace is an online social networking service. Use of the service is free; however members that upgrade to the paying level receive superior features. Members are able to input information pertaining to themselves, their friends, or anything else that interests them. Unethical material is disallowed. Until a member upgrades service to the paying level, an individual’s webpage is of basic design and lacks variance from all other free pages. The customer signs up for a free account, and has access…

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Plagiarism Report

Executive Summary This paper presents the an analysis of how Web 2. 0 applications, particularly Wikis, social networking tools, image sharing sites, video sharing, blogs, file sharing, and communication tools. In order to effectively evaluate this study, a mixed method of qualitative and quantitative analysis is being utilized in order to assess the study. Specifically, the study would use a combination of focus group discussions and quantitative interviews in order to extrapolate the data from a select group of students….

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Results of the Interview

The first part of the interview focused on 30 teachers as respondents to section A. Questions pertaining to how these educators currently communicate with their students, particularly if they use VLE, benefits of such tools, how they see the readiness of students in using such communication tools and the teacher’s awareness of other lecturers using Web 2. 0 applications. In addition, questions focused on the capacity of teachers in using. Web 2. 0 applications such as facebook, Myspace, social networking…

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