Molecule Essays

High Molecular Weight Polyethylene

The joints in the hips and knee, bear the weight of the entire body, and are known to fail especially in the case of older people. Implanting artificial joints, for the treatment of arthritic hips and knees has been done for more than 40 years, and these remain the most successful applications for prosthetic surgery. The main requirement for such implant materials is that they must be biocompatible for a range of anatomies over a long period of time, and…

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Dna Segments

The nascent mRNA strand generated from the process of transcription is usually subjected to a number of reactions that are altogether referred to as mRNA processing (Brown, 2002). These series of processes enables the mRNA strand to be ready for translation, which is technically known as the production of a protein product from an mRNA strand. One of the processes involved in mRNA processing is the capping of the 5′ end of the mRNA strand using a guanosine molecule. This…

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