Mistake Essays

Story & Mistake

In the course of life that we take, we are bounded by emotions that we feel when we are at our best or at our worst. We do get disappointed at times, when the dreams that we have were stolen in an unimaginable way. And in facing such incidents, we feel guilt, anger and pain. We try to forgive but sometimes, we just can’t. Yes, we can take certain pains in our lives but the hardest part is to forgive…

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Best Mistake

“God writes straight with crooked lines,” as a Portuguese proverb goes (cited in Lukacs NP). This means that the craziest events in life make a lot of sense in the long haul and yes, in hindsight (Lukacs NP). My best friend Mike just flew in from Canada. It has been years since we last saw each other. We had half of our lives worth of catching up to do. Mike and I hanged out that evening, over a lot of…

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