Minority Essays

Minority Languages

The world has very many languages that are considered as minor. These are well spread through the lands and they are threatened towards extinction. Various policies have been put forward by different countries to help preserve these unique dialects and one of the ways is by use of education scholarships given to people of these languages to encourage the to advance. As they advance, their languages get known in various places. Broadcasting stations that air programs in these languages have…

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Ethnic Minority Adolescents

Define and give two examples of diversity as a dimension of ethnic minority adolescents One important dimension of ethnic minority adolescents is their diversity. It is highly evident that ethnic minorities are different in terms of their historical background, economic experiences, and social qualities (Santrock, 2007). They may also have different traditions, beliefs, and practices, among others. However, even though these ethnic minority groups have legitimate differences from other people, they should not be considered as inferior beings entirely as…

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