Mercantilism Essays

Mercantilism & Economic School

Mercantilism was a dominant economic school on Europe in XVI-XVIII century. The theory suggests that the global turnover of international trade is constant and the prosperity of a nation depends on the government ability to support a positive balance of trade with other nations. Mercantilism considers economic assets as a set of stock including gold, silver and trade value (bullion). The way for the government to increase the capital is to intervene into economy through the system of tariffs and…

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Mercantilist Relationship Between the American Colonies and the British Government

Mercantilism is an economic policy and theory where the government has complete control of trade, both foreign and inside boundaries. This policy was dominant during the 16th, 17th, and late 18th centuries, it demanded a positive balance of trade between the countries it was involved with. There were many policies that were within the theory based upon mercantilism including, building a network of overseas colonies and forbidding them to trade with other nations, forbidding trade to be carried in foreign…

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