Mental Essays

Mental Representation

Memory is defined as the process of storing and retreiving information. There are three major memory processes namely encoding, storing and retreival. During encoding, information is placed or stored in the memory by a mental representation. The information is being input to the mind for further retenetion. After being encoded the information or stimuli is now being stored. It is now placed in a permamnent mental state for later recall. The brain needs to process first as to what type…

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Analysis of Mental Shortcuts

Being creatures gifted with reason, people are always thinking and trying to rationalize things. For each person and situation, there are different kinds of ways of thinking or mental shortcuts. One of them is Representativeness heuristic. This refers to the way a person thinks according to his insticnts and past experiences. Unlike other modes of thinking, representativeness heuristic consumes less time. It does not involve much cognitive activity. In this mode of thinking, people tend to refer to the past…

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