Meat Essays

Case Study in Oscar Mayer

Rob Goodman is of the idea that white meat products are trending and they should be promoted more. He believes that white meat lines would eventually capture 50% of the market over time and the same should aggressively promote their LR category. But in our opinion a complete and drastic rebranding would leave OM in a very bad position with every possibility of OM not only losing its present customer base, relying on their red-meat products but also failure of…

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Ethics of Eating Meat

Have you ever wondered why people become vegetarians? People who are vegetarians choose to become so for a wide variety of reasons. Being a vegetarian has become a popular and trendy during the past few decades. However, according to Alan Beardsworth and Alan Bryman authors of “Meat Consumption and Meat Avoidance Among Young People: An 11-year Longitudinal Study,” people have started to eat more meat rather than avoid it. Whether vegetarianism is on the rise or not, it is interesting…

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What’s in the Meat_

In Martin Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation, chapter 9 of the book focuses on a discussion of the state in which cattle in the US are reared for production of ground beef, such as that used by fast food chains such as McDonalds.  Schlosser claims that these cattle are bred in conditions which are so cramped that they get little exercise, live “amid pools of manure” and are fed on dirty food and water (200). He claims that this then provides…

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