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Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer, a British retailer of clothing, food, home ware and financial services was started in 1884, when Michael Marks (a Russian-born Polish refugee) opened a stall at Leeds Kirkgate Market. Today Marks & Spencer’s presence can be found in more than 40 countries across the world. A customer can easily shop for both food and clothes at most of the outlets in the UK. Other than that Marks & Spencer’s also carries lines of 1) Identify and explain…

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Marks and Spencers

INTRODUCTION M&S Plc is one of the popular British retailers with its headquarters situated in UK in Westminster. The branch stores set up across 42 countries with about 365 branches in UK alone, focus on two major lines of product, exclusive clothes and quality food stuff. M&S is also known as Marks and Spencer, Marks and Sparks. The Founders of the company were Michael Marks AND Thomas Spencer in Leeds, establishing the system in 1884. Currently over 20 million people…

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